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There’s no escaping bosses in JRPGs, and Monster Hunter Stories 2 includes some pretty tough battles as you try to unravel the mystery of the Wings of Ruin. Just like in regular battles, knowing your enemy’s weaknesses and attack counters are incredibly important — maybe even more important when you’re dealing with big bosses. Selecting the correct monster type and countering a direct attack can trigger a Double Attack that completely skips your enemy’s turn. Making all the right choices for each stage of the battle will make your life much, much easier when big bosses can defeat you (or your monstie) in a single hit sometimes. Here’s a full list of all the bosses and their weaknesses.

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Boss Monsters are the big-time bad guys you’ll have to face at certain points in the story. These special Monsters have unique attack patterns that you won’t find in the wild. Boss Monsters have a strange aura, and they’re especially dangerous when you reach them — if you’re struggling to deal with a monster, these are the weaknesses and attack patterns you need to know about.

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  • Primary Attack: Speed
  • Secondary Attack: Power (Enraged) / Technical (1 Turn After Condense Heat)
  • Weapon Weakness: Piercing (Body) / Slash, Piercing, Blunt (Nose During Condense Heat)
  • Elemental Weakness: Water


  • Primary Attack: Speed
  • Secondary Attack: Power (Enraged)
  • Weapon Weakness: Slash
  • Elemental Weakness: Dragon


  • Primary Attack: Technical
  • Secondary Attack: N/A
  • Weapon Weakness: Blunt (Head) / Piercing (Stomach)
  • Elemental Weakness: Thunder

Seltas Queen

  • Primary Attack: Technical
  • Secondary Attack: Power (Seltas Unite)
  • Weapon Weakness: Piercing (Body, Head, Seltas) / Blunt (Legs)
  • Elemental Weakness: Fire


  • Primary Attack: Speed
  • Secondary Attack: Power (Enraged) / Technical (Flying)
  • Weapon Weakness: Blunt (Body, Wings) / Slash (Body, Head, Wings)
  • Elemental Weakness: Thunder


  • Primary Attack: Technical
  • Secondary Attack: Speed (Enraged)
  • Weapon Weakness: Blunt (Body, Legs) / Piercing (Tail) / Slash
  • Elemental Weakness: Thunder


  • Primary Attack: Technical
  • Secondary Attack: Power (White Spikes)
  • Weapon Weakness: Slash, Piercing (No Spikes) / Slash, Piercing, Blunt (White Spikes) / None (Black Spikes)
  • Elemental Weakness: Thunder
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