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As you play through Monster Hunter Stories 2, you’ll sometimes encounter special sub-quests on the quest board. Each town has a quest board, and more sub-quests will appear the further you get in the story — and sometimes you’ll encounter special quests that task you with fighting unique monsters. These monsters have special names, and they’re powerful versions of already existing monsters. They have their own attack patterns and weaknesses, so if you’re looking for help taking these guys down and collecting the rewards, we’ve got all the info you need for each one in the full guide below.

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Certain sub-quests will task you with defeating special Unique Monsters. Unique Monsters have one-of-a-kind names, with unique attack patterns and weaknesses. These sub-quest monsters are very different from their overworld counterparts, so don’t go in expecting an identical fight. Here’s your cheat sheet for dealing with every sub-quest Unique Monster in the game.

The Blue Menace

  • Primary Attack: Speed
  • Secondary Attack: Power (Enraged)
  • Weapon Weakness: Slash
  • Elemental Weakness: Ice

The Flying Fury

  • Primary Attack: Technical
  • Secondary Attack: Speed (Hyper Vacuum)
  • Weapon Weakness: Blunt (Body) / Slash
  • Elemental Weakness: Fire

The Immovable Boulder

  • Primary Attack: Technical
  • Secondary Attack: Power (Enraged)
  • Weapon Weakness: Blunt (Head, Stomach) / Piercing (Wings) / Slash (Tail)
  • Elemental Weakness: Water

The Solemn Mountain

  • Primary Attack: Power
  • Secondary Attack: Technical (Enraged)
  • Weapon Weakness: Blunt (Body, Tail) / Slash (Legs)
  • Elemental Weakness: Fire

The Insidious Weaver

  • Primary Attack: Technical
  • Secondary Attack: Speed (Enraged)
  • Weapon Weakness: Piercing (Chest, Needle) / Slash (Legs, Stomach) / Blunt (Head)
  • Elemental Weakness: Fire

The Imperious Saber

  • Primary Attack: Speed
  • Secondary Attack: Power (Enraged)
  • Weapon Weakness: Slash (Stomach, Tail) / Blunt (Spikes)
  • Elemental Weakness: Fire
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