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Everyone’s favorite T-Rex Monstie can’t be raised until much later in Monster Hunter Stories 2. You’ll encounter one near the start of the game, but if you want to actually get one in your party, you’ll have to wait until much, much further in the story. At least, if you want to get one legit. There’s another way to get an Anjanath.

Obsessive players pouring over every detail of the Trial Version discovered this glitch, allowing you to acquire an Anjanath on the starting island. Before even reaching the second town, you can guarantee an Anjanath spawn, and it still works in the full version of the game. If you’re willing to do some very specific (but not too specific) actions, you can fight and collect an Anjanath egg right at the start of your adventure. Check out how this weird little glitch works below.

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How To Get Anjanath Early

Want to get your T-Rex fix right away? In both the Trial Version and the Full Version, its possible to get an Anjanath early with a weird glitch. This glitch is present in both versions of the game, so you can still do it even if you’re playing the Full Version.

  • Reach North Kamura Forest in the starting island. Fight the Pukei-Pukei roaming just before the nest. Get it to retreat — destroy the tail and use Paintballs to make it run.
  • Enter the retreating Monster Den, follow Pukei-Pukei to its nest, and grab an Egg. Then leave.
  • Return to North Kamura Forest and continue toward the nest. When you get close, Navirou will exchange some dialogue.
  • Wait near the nest until a roaming Yian Kut-Ku spawns near the nest entrance.

When you enter battle with this Yian Kut-Ku, it will actually be an Anjanath! You can make it retreat with Paintballs and grab an easy much, much earlier than normal. Now you can have this dinosaur on your team for the entire run of the game! If you want one legit without glitches, you’ll have to wait a little longer.

How To Get Anjanath Normally

Anjanath doesn’t normally appear as a monster you can acquire until you reach the snowy region. You’ll need to reach Loloska, and the Base of Mt. Lavina area. Anjanath can appear in this zone in a Rare Monster Den. You can also find them roaming around — make them retreat, and you can chase it into a den and acquire the egg. This is much, much further in the game, but if you’re willing to wait, this is the simple way to get an Anjanath.

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