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Some of the best and most powerful Monsties in Monster Hunter Stories 2 are Elder Dragons and Deviants — special Monsters that are incredibly powerful and come with a unique set of genes you won’t find anywhere else. These killer Monsties aren’t found anywhere in the main game world, you’ll have to go on Expeditions to get them. And only the best Expeditions have Elder Dragons or Deviants. It’s all in the luck of the draw.

Getting Elder Dragons and Deviants is an end-game activity, you won’t be able to do it until you’ve completed the story and unlocked an activity called “Co-Op Expeditions” — depending on the star rating of these expeditions, you’ll face more and more powerful Monsters. The highest rating is an 8-Star Expedition, and these are the expeditions you’ll want to complete to get these uniquely powerful eggs.

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How To Get Elder Dragon & Deviant Monsters

Elder Dragons are special powerful Monsters, and Deviants are unique variants of already existing Monsters — and you can acquire eggs for both of them! You just need to beat them first. These powerful unique Monster types are only available in the end-game through Co-Op Expeditions.

  • Elder Dragons and Deviant Monsters are found in 8-Star Expeditions.
  • These Expeditions require tickets. The SR (Super Rare) Tickets gives you the best chance of encountering an Elder Dragon or Deviant.
  • Tickets are purchased from Melnyx Inc. in exchange for Bottlecaps. To earn more Bottlecaps, complete Normal Ticket Expeditions — these tickets can be purchased with Zenny, and normal expeditions will give you 25+ bottle caps per run.

Co-Op Expeditions can be completed SOLO — you’ll just get an AI partner to help you. To get an Elder Dragon / Deviant egg, you need to defeat the objective monster and collect eggs from the final nest. Only this final nest will give you eggs for Elder Dragons / Deviants, and both have a chance of appearing only in the highest rank expeditions with the best possible tickets.

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