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Bottle caps are an alternate currency in Monster Hunter Stories 2 that become very important in the end-game. The trouble is, they’re hard to get. You’ll only find them in Everdens for most of your run through the game — those are special dens with chests full of bottle caps. Each Everden only has 14-17 bottle caps, and that’s only if you really search the area and find every single chest. Some items can cost dozens of bottle caps! If you’re like us, you want to figure out the best, most efficient way for bottle cap farming.

And there are ways to earn an infinite supply. Bottle caps are used at the Melnyx Inc. vendor to get unique items like upgrades to your stables, permanent stat boosts for your Monsties, and later you can buy tickets to Rare / Super Rare Expeditions to collect rare Monstie eggs. Bottle caps are a currency you’ll always want more of, and this is how to get the most possible.

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How To Get More Bottle Caps

Bottle Caps are normally found in Everdens. Everdens are special dens with chests that contain Bottle Caps — but Everden Bottle Caps are limited. Unlike normal dens, Everdens are not randomly generated. There are a certain amount of Everdens in each large region, and they don’t move. The chests you harvest from an Everden will never respawn, so your Bottle Cap supply is finite. It’s also really slow!

  • You can also find Bottle Caps in regular Dens as a rare chest drop. They’re more likely to drop from High Rank Dens — and you can sometimes get Bottle Caps from Sub-Quests as a one-time reward.

How To Farm The Most Bottle Caps?: For farming Bottle Caps, you’ll need to reach the post-game / end-game content and unlock Co-op Expeditions. You can spend Bottle Caps to unlock Super Rare Expeditions, but you don’t want to waste Bottle Caps like that — instead, purchase Normal Co-Op Expedition Tickets. These cost Zenny and don’t require Bottle Caps, then you can grab all the chests and complete the run. You can earn 25-35 Bottle Caps per run. Some players have reported upwards of 40+ Bottle Caps in a single run. Not bad, and definitely the best way to farm for Bottle Caps without wasting the precious ones you have.

When you’re ready to start spending Bottle Caps on Super Rare Expeditions, remember that you’ll also earn extra Bottle Caps for completing — you can find them in chests, and you’ll earn them for finishing. I don’t recommend using Super Rare Expeditions for farming, but if you’re going after rare Monstie eggs, it’s important to remember you’ll still be earning extra Bottle Caps. And that’s basically everything you need to know about earning Bottle Caps. Goodluck out there, riders!

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