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Rainbow Eggs are the magical, rare eggs we’re all after in Monster Hunter Stories 2. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a Rainbow rarity egg when searching a nest at the end of each den. There are two rarities — Gold, and Rainbow. Gold is good. Rainbow is better. If you’re hunting for the best possible genes and bonuses on your freshly born Monstie, then Rainbow Eggs are what you want.

Here, we’re going to cover a basic, simple method you can use to ensure you get a Rainbow Egg. It takes time, effort, and a lot of loading, but this method IS NOT an exploit or a glitch. This method was used in the original Monster Hunter Stories for a different purpose (gene farming) and is not condemned by the developers. Don’t worry, you won’t get banned for using Monsties earned through this method. It’s a totally legit — if time-consuming — method for getting the best Monsties you can get.

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How To Earn Guaranteed Rainbow Eggs | Rare Eggs Guide

Rainbow Eggs are rare drop eggs found in Nests. If you want to guarantee you’ll get one, you’ll need to perform the following steps to improve your chances immensely. Instead of grinding for hours and hours, this method makes getting Rainbow Eggs much easier and faster.

  • Find a Rare Monster Den in the field.
  • Save your game. The Rare Monster Den will stay active when you reload.
  • The Rare Monster Den RNG isn’t generated until you enter the den. What monsters are inside and whether there is a rainbow egg.
  • Keep entering the Rare Monster Den, taking eggs, and checking for Rainbow Eggs.

This is basically the only way to get Rainbow Rarity eggs from Royal Monster Dens. You can use this method on any Monster Den — retreating monster dens will also (very rarely) spawn Rainbow Eggs, but you’ll have to reload those saves a lot more.

Make sure to apply any and all charms / prayers at the Prayer Pot to further increase your chances. Just keep loading and checking for Rainbow Eggs. There are also random stats you can get when you actually hatch the eggs, but those boosts are so small and insignificant, there’s no reason to farm them for best RNG — just go after the Rainbow Eggs.

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