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Sony has several iconic first-party video game development studios. One of those that continue to turn out incredible hits since the early days of the original PlayStation is Naughty Dog. The studio has become widely known for its amount of detail and narrative-driven games. Our last release from the studio was The Last of Us Part 2, and now fans are wondering what is coming next from this iconic development team.

There are always rumors and speculation about what might be coming next from various big-name studios. Fans will keep tabs on voice actors’ social media pages, job listings, and any little tidbit of information that could point them to future releases from the studio past video games. While we don’t know what is coming next, we know that Naughty Dog is working on something as a recent social media post showcased a mocap image from the studio.

This image comes from Marianne Hayden, who is the senior cinematic Animator for Naughty Dog. Taking to Twitter, Marianne shared a photo revealing that she is back working on some mocap filming. Unfortunately, that doesn’t tell us much of anything. However, the cinematic animator does have a shirt showcasing The Last of Us Part 2 logo. That has left some fans thinking that this next project is based around the IP.

For starters, there’s some feeling that this animation work is based around the multiplayer component of The Last of Us Part 2. Meanwhile, others find that the shirt is not a giveaway to anything. We could very well see a new Uncharted game or perhaps a brand new IP altogether. Of course, only time will tell what the studio is bringing out next, so speculation can continue.


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