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A new rumor to add to the story about Netflix’s alleged ambitions to join the gaming industry: Netflix and Sony might be working together on something. Datamined images seem to indicate that Netflix has something in its iOS app that refers to both the DualSense controllers and Ghost of Tsushima. It’s not much info to go on, but it’s certainly intriguing.

The basis for this rumor appears to be a tweet from dataminer Steve Moser, who showed images he says came from a datamine of the iOS Netflix app. These images include a Netflix gaming logo, a shark fin logo (the gaming project is allegedly codenamed “Shark”), as well as the cover artwork for Ghost of Tsushima and art of two stylized DualSense controllers. It’s not exactly a smoking gun, far from it, but it’s worth talking about at best.

Of course, take this rumor with a grain of salt until we get official confirmation either from Sony or Netflix. The more interesting part to me is the speculation about why Ghost of Tsushima would be there. At the time of this rumor’s circulation, the game has not been released on PC or any other cloud gaming service. If Netflix managed to nab Tsushima’s non-PlayStation debut, it’d be quite the coup.

Rumors about Netflix getting into gaming have been circulating for quite some time — back in May, the rumor was that Netflix was pitching its gaming service to people in the gaming industry in the hopes of recruiting veterans to work on it. Allegedly one of the people who’s now working on the Netflix gaming initiative is former EA exec Mike Verdu. The latest rumor is that Netflix wants to add cloud gaming to its subscription, which would turn the streaming platform into a Stadia or Game Pass competitor.

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