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Arkane has released yet another new trailer for Deathloop as it prepares for the game’s release on September 14. The latest trailer shows off how the next-gen version of the game will take advantage of the features in the PlayStation 5’s controller, the DualSense. The new game appears to have several feedback systems using the controller’s internal feedback systems.

The trailer is a bit on the short side, as it focuses solely on showing off how the haptic feedback will be relevant to gameplay. The haptic triggers will give different feedback for every gun, meaning they’ll all feel unique. You’ll also be able to feel if your gun jams, and you can fire with alternating triggers when you’re dual-wielding. The only thing that looks questionable is that the on-screen demonstration doesn’t make it clear if firing a machine gun will let you hold down the trigger, or if you’ll have to push it multiple times for multiple shots.

Players will also be able to feel their individual footsteps through the controller as well. If the trailer isn’t exaggerating, it’ll rumble on different sides so players can feel each step, which could get annoying but hopefully serves an in-game purpose. The trailer also notes that the game will take advantage of the PS5’s power to make the graphics look extra nice, but that’s to be expected from next-gen releases, I would hope.

Another feature shown is that calls will come to the player character via their controller. One thing that’s been shown in several of the previous trailers is the banter between main characters Colt and Julianna. The latter is constantly calling the former to taunt him while she hunts him down and tries to stop him from breaking the loop. According to the trailer, that sound will come to the player via the speaker on the controller, which I’m going to have to disable as soon as I start playing the game, personally.

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