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New Pokemon Snap gives you a new view on your favorite Pokemon from the long-running franchise. Instead of catching them all, you’re snapping them all — and some of the best pictures come from the rarest Pokemon. Some Pokemon won’t appear unless you perform specific actions throughout a stage. And for the new DLC add-on that includes three totally new areas, we’re going to breakdown how to find those rare Pokemon. Whether they be Legendary Pokemon or just regular Pokemon that are a pain to find, these are how to summon the lurking Pokemon and get some high-quality photos.

Like all the other areas in New Pokemon Snap, the areas change as your Research Level increases. More Pokemon appear, and new ways to interact with the environment unlock. For most rare photo opportunities, you’ll need to grind through the first Research Level — and sometimes even the second. The best way to do that is to just get as many snaps as possible to fill in the 1, 2, 3 or 4 Star photos you’re missing from your Photodex. If you run out of those, try aiming for the missions! Missions give clues for high point value pics.

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Giant Snorlax: Secret Side Path – Research Level 1

After spotting the giant Dodrio, scan the tall grass to the left to find an alternate path to the giant Snorlax. Throw Fluffruit into his sleeping mouth, then wake him up with an Orb / Music. Snorlax will later appear in the flower field at the end of the stage — use another orb on him for a special photo opportunity.

Gyarados: Mightywide River (Day) – Research Level 2

The sea monster won’t appear unless you perform some specific actions throughout the stage. First, hit the two Magikarp swimming ahead of you in the river rapids with Illumina Orbs, then activate the Crystabloom to the right behind the waterfall. If you do that, Gyarados will drop down from the falls later in the level.

Zeraora: Barren Badlands (Night) – Research Level 2

Spot Zeraora early in the stage to your left sleeping — he’s sleeping to the left of the geiser pond. Wake it up with a tricky long-distance Fluffruit throw. When he wakes up, he’ll run around the entire length of the stage on the high cliffs. Wake up Tyranitar just past the big boulder in the same section. Tyranitar and Zeraora will fight for 3-Star and 4-Star photo opportunities.

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