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A huge new update just dropped for New Pokemon Snap, adding three new areas and 20+ new Pokemon. This is a massive addition to the game, giving all you photographers out there plenty more to do in this fun little safari game. If you’re hungry to get all the snaps you possibly can, then you’ll also want to discover the hidden routes in these new levels. Unlocking hidden routes can be confusing, so we’re going to explain exactly what you need to do to see these stages from every angle.

The new areas also include tons of quests to complete, and even new Legendary / Mythical Pokemon. One area has to be unlocked, while the other two become available as you progress through the game normally — you’ll need to reach the island they’re on before they become playable… or at least, the game implies as much. The most surprising new map is the Secret Side Path, which requires scanning a new spot in the very first area of the game. Find that scan spot, and you’ll shrink down to take pics of Pokemon from an entirely new angle.

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Secret Side Path (Day): To unlock this route, play through Florio Nature Park (Day) and scan the tree to the left after Dodrio appears, when you reach the lakeside area. There’s a specific tree with a hole in it — scan there!

  • Optional Route #1: Requires Level 2 – In the tiny version of the park, scan for a hidden path after Dodrio appears. This leads down an optional path that takes you to a (gigantic) Snorlax.

Mightywide River (Day): Unlocks automatically after downloading the update.

Mightywide River (Night)

  • Optional Route #1: Throw a Fluffruit at Feraligatr at the cliff’s edge, then scan to find a hidden path behind the vines. It leads into a glowing cavern.

Barren Badlands (Day): Unlocks automatically after downloading the update.

  • Optional Route #1: Early in the stage, look for a Crystabloom — activate it, and take a snap of the Diglett that appears. That Diglett will roll a boulder over a geyser, unlocking an optional path up the cliffs.

Barren Badlands (Night)

  • Optional Route #1: Same as the daylight path.

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for more hidden paths!]
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