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We’ve all got to grind.

New World is an action-survival game sensation that’s absolutely playable even for casual players — even if the vast open-world can be incredibly intimidating. Whether you’re on the tutorial beach or trying to break through that difficult Level 30+ slog, this is what you need to know about efficient XP farming. There are plenty of ways to boost your XP rewards in incremental ways, and jumping on the most efficient tasks will make your life so much easier. Naturally, you’ll also want to play with a friend (or three) to make dungeons and other quests easier to handle.

There are so many players trying to squeeze onto the servers, the developers are working to fix the problem — so for early players, you should have no problem forming teams and tackling those strange Corrupted Breaches. That’s one tip we can give you right away. Corrupted Breaches appear all over the map, and with a full team you can clear them all rapidly. Why bother grabbing quests when you can just grind objectives that appear all on their own?

And completing Corrupted Breaches will give you valuable resources you can use to fast travel. Fast travel will make your adventuring so, so much easier.

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Best Ways To Earn XP | Level 60 Grinding Guide

Early in the game, you’ll also want to select a Gathering Skill and a Crafting Skill to focus on. Eventually, you’ll want to max out Skinning, Harvesting, and Mining skills — you’ll do these tasks a lot, and the higher your skill, the more XP you’ll earn from them.

  • Level 1-20: Complete Tutorial Quests and Town Quests until you’re Level 10. At Level 10, you can join a Faction and unlock Faction Quests. Take x3 Faction Quests and x3 Town Quests while progressing for maximum XP.

Ignore crafting quests and animal hunting unless you’re leveling up the right crafting skill, or if the animals are near you. If you’re in a territory with no alligators, and get a town quest to hunt alligators, don’t bother wasting the time running across the entire map.

After you make some progress, you can also decide whether to turn on / off the PVP Flag. When turned on, you can engage in PVP and earn more XP. Turning it off makes grinding much safer, but you lose the (small) XP buff.

  • NOTE: Once you join a faction, you can gain a +5% XP boost if your faction controls the territory you’re in. Capturing the Restless Shore territory gives your faction +5% XP for completing Corrupted Breaches. You’ll be doing a lot of those!

At the start of the game, its a good idea to also grind 200+ Iron Ore so you can make iron tools. You’ll want them for crafting and gathering.

  • Level 20-30: Once you reach Level 20, you’ll unlock an additional quest type called Corrupted Breaches. These are one of the best grinding quests — just roll up a party of 4 and clear out all the portals on the map.
    • In this level range, you’ll unlock the Armine Excavation Dungeon. Because this is a dungeon, it requires a key.
    • Join a team and run this dungeon ASAP — and with other players that still need to finish it. Completing this quest is a huge XP boost, and you can form teams to help players through the dungeon well into the high 20s.

Fishing Quests and Cooking Quests from towns are another time sink. They take too long if you don’t already have the right materials — skip these whenever you can if you want to efficiently earn XP.

Three useful skills for earning XP and materials are Mining, Skinning, and Harvesting. Try to practice (and even max out) these skills before reaching the extremely long slog of Level 30-60.

Make sure to take your x3 Faction Quests per day and complete them. They give good XP, and you’ll earn useful Faction Tokens and Faction Rep.

  • Level 30-60: Now you’re stuck in for a lot of grinding. To speed up the leveling process, travel to new territories / towns and take on quests for about 5~ levels, then complete Corrupted Portals at each location for about 5~ levels. Go to a Level 30 town, do Town Quests for 5~ levels, then do Corrupted Portals until you can reach a Level 40 town.
    • This is monotonous grinding, but it is the most efficient way (currently) to earn XP.

The Town Projects Board is always a good place to get quests throughout the entire game. These quests give you global bonuses for furthering the project, and they generally give good XP. If you’ve been doing lots of gathering and hoarding resources, you can rapidly turn-in these quests for lots of XP. If you have plenty of gold, you can simply run to the Trading Post, buy the materials you need instead of gathering them, and turn-in the quest for an instant XP reward.

That’s all it takes to reach max level. If you’re really feeling like just grinding, take note of any dungeons on the map, and be prepared to play those a lot.

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