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Your faction is your life in New World — your faction determines what companies you can join, and what faction rewards you’ll earn. And you really won’t know what Faction is best for you right at the start of your adventure. The three factions (Covenant, Marauders, and Syndicate) each have strengths, and depending on your server, they might have already claimed the most territory. Each server only carries 2,000~ players max, so each mini-ecosystem can have plenty of variance. One big group of players can easily dominate the map, leaving you in the lurch if you picked the dirt worst faction on the island. Especially if you don’t want to get crushed in PVP.

And that’s just one theoretical reason why you might want to change your faction in New World. There are plenty of others, and thankfully the developers realized that making a totally new character isn’t the best solution. Yes, you can swap factions at any time in-game with your character — if you’ve played to Level 60 in one faction, you can swap to a different faction. There’s a little more you need to know about this system, so this is how it works. Here’s how to change your faction whenever you’re ready to jump ship.

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How To Change Factions | Allegiance Guide

In New World, you join a faction at Level 10. That’s very early in the game, and if you feel like you need to swap factions, that option is available to your character. No need to restart with a fresh start. You can change mid-game using a slightly obscure system.

  • To Change Factions: Open the Character Menu and access your Bio. In the bottom-right corner of the menu, you’ll find a “Change Faction” selection.
    • You can only change factions AFTER leaving your Company. This button won’t auto-kick you out of your current Company.
    • You can only change your faction once every 120 days.
    • You can NOT change to the current most powerful faction on the island.

That is a lot of caveats. The 120 day timer only begins AFTER using the “Change Faction” button for the first time, so you can change your faction much faster after joining your first faction at Level 10.

You’re also limited to only joining the factions that are not the most dominant. This is the developer’s way of making sure you try to fight for dominance instead of simply swapping to the most powerful faction — but, you can always make a new character and join the most powerful faction on a server at Level 10. That’s still available if you’re really that desperate.

Factions and Companies are incredibly important to getting the most out of New World. If you want to have as much fun as you can, you owe it to yourself to sign up with a friendly Company (and swap to a friendly Faction) as early as possible. That’ll make the long grind so much easier.

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