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Want to craft the best possible gear in New World? Grinding to level 200 in your favorite crafting discipline isn’t enough. You’ll need to combine every buff in the game, stack them all up, and then pray to the RNG gods to reach the coveted 600 GS. To give yourself the best possible chance at success, you’ll want to add all the possible buffs and perks you can together. If you do that, you can technically reach far beyond the hardcap of 600 GS. The 500 GS softcap can be breached by +100 GS, and we’re going to tell you how to make that happen.

New World is available now, and players are swarming the servers for a chance to carve out their own territory. Join one of three factions at Level 10, complete quests to grow stronger and earn lots of cash, and buy your own house in any of the many settlements of the mystical island. There are mysteries to uncover and massive faction wars to fight. This is the kind of massive survival-action experience that can hook players for years, so why not keep this in mind for the endgame. If you’re after the best possible gear, this is how to craft it.

How To Craft Max Gear Level Equipment | 600 GS Guide

600 GS is the maximum Gear Score you can get when crafting at launch. To reach 600 GS, you’ll need more than just max Crafting Skill for whatever you’re crafting — you also need additional buffs from a variety of different sources. Reaching 600 GS isn’t guaranteed, but if you’re aiming to make the best possible gear, this is what you’ll need to know.

By combining GS buffs, it is possible to increase your maximum possible GS to ABOVE 600. The max GS is 600, so stacking as many buffs as possible will give you the best possible chance at crafting GS 600 gear.

Gear Score Modifier Maximum Gear Score Bonus Maximum Gear Score
Base Tier 5 GS 500 500
200 (Max) Crafting Skill +25 525
Total Gear Buffs +15 540
Epic Materials (x3) +45 585
Food Buff +15 600
House Trophy Buff (x3 Max) +15 600 (615)
Settlement Project Buff +5 600 (620)
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In total you can get a theoretical maximum of 620 GS — 600 is the maximum, so you can’t go above that, but you can stack buffs to give yourself a better chance of getting 600 GS items from crafting. Let’s break down exactly how all of these modifiers work.

  • Base Tier 5 GS: Tier 5 Gear starts you at a base 500 GS.
  • 200 (Max) Crafting Skill: Raising your crafting skill to max gives you a +25 total modifier.
  • Total Gear Buffs: By equipping Head / Chest / Gloves / Legs / Boots with +2 GS perks, you can get +10 GS. Add jewelry with GS perks for +5, for a total of +15 GS.
  • Epic Materials (x3): Make sure to select epic tier materials for Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary materials. (Ex. Phoenixweave, Runic Leather, Glittering Ebony, Asmodeum.)
  • Food Buff: Eat food with crafting buffs (Herb-Crusted Vegetables) for a +15 modifier.
  • House Trophy Buff (x3 Max): Your personal house can select a crafting trophy for a +5 modifier. You can purchase three houses and have a total of x3 trophy buffs running at the same time.
  • Settlement Project Buff: If your local settlement has a crafting buff project, you can gain another +5.

Combine all those buffs and you can reach 600 GS. You don’t need to utilize all of these, but if you do the minimum GS can be as high as 595 GS. Not bad at all. Even if your crafting doesn’t go well, at the lowest possible RNG, you’ll still get very close to 600 GS.

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