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There’s a fresh and bountiful island just waiting to be taken in New World — and once you join one of the three factions, you can do just that. The primary island setting is split into different regions and territories. The more of these areas your faction captures, the more rewards you’ll earn. Some buffs are locked to the territory, while others are applied globally once you capture the correct fort. If you’re aiming to turn your faction into a crafting powerhouse, or if you want to increase the rewards you’ll earn from Faction Missions, there are specific territories you’ll want your faction to grab first.

New World is the massively popular new game about claiming a big chunk of a lost island for yourself. In this fantasy scenario, a mystical island has appeared, and all the factions are here to take everything they can get their hands on. As an enterprising adventurer, you can join one of these factions and hop into huge PVP battles — or you can stay out of it and just play through the main story. Yes, there’s an actual main story to complete here, and that’s what most players will be working on to reach max level. But, when you’re done with that, you’ll have plenty of time to fight for your faction in the endgame. Use these buff locations to plan your next conquest.

Why You’ll Want To Capture Territory For Your Faction

After joining a Faction at Level 10, you can begin capturing territory and taking control of forts. Once a fort is captured for your faction, you’ll instantly gain buffs for your entire faction while they’re in that territory.

  • Faction Territory Buffs: While in any territory controlled by your faction, you’ll get +5% XP gain and +20% influence gain buffs.

And that’s just for a territory! If your faction has captured a region, you’ll gain additional buffs while playing inside that region.

  • Faction Region Buffs: While in any region controlled by your faction, you’ll get 70% fast travel discount, +50 Luck, -30% tax cost, -20% housing purchase cost, and +10% gathering.

In addition to the standard buffs, each territory has its own unique buff. If you want specific buffs, coordinate to capture the forts at the locations listed below.

  • Unique Territory Buffs | Locations & Unlockable Buffs
    • First Light: Reduces fast travel costs from 5 Azoth per 10 weight to 1 Azoth per 10 weight.
    • Cutlass Keyes: Reduces base fast travel cost by -50% Azoth.
    • Monarch’s Bluffs: Reduces fast travel costs from 5 Azoth per 100 meters to 1 Azoth per 100 meters.
    • Windsward: Increases number of items gathered by +5%.
    • Brightwood: Reduces housing tax by -5%.
    • Everfall: Reduces trade tax by -5%.
    • Ebonscale Reach: Reduces refining taxes by -5%.
    • Reekwater: Reduces crafting taxes by -5%.
    • Restless Shore: Increases gold, XP, Faction Token rewards, and Territory Standing from Corrupted Breaches rewards by +5%.
    • Weaver’s Fen: Increases gold, XP, Faction Token rewards, and Territory Standing from Faction Mission rewards by +5%.
    • Mourningdale: Increases gold, XP, Faction Token rewards, and Territory Standing from Expedition rewards by +5%.

These buffs are applied globally to your faction once the forts at these territories are captured. Capturing as many as you can for your territory will give you the most stacked unique territory buffs. If that isn’t a good reason to go on the war path, I don’t know what is.

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