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It’s no secret that Amazon’s new MMO New World is more popular than its servers can handle. Servers currently have a cap of 2000 players, and players are facing very, very long queue times, which is one of the primary points of complaint about the game. Naturally, players are trying to find workarounds so that they don’t have to wait so long, and some of the more obnoxious players have come up with the solution of just… not leaving the server, ever.

A Reddit user posted a video to the New World subreddit that showed several players running aimlessly at a wall. The user, “TuSkiLLd,” said in the post, “no F’n wonder queues suck.” At first, it was a bit baffling what exactly was going on, until users in the comments explained and/or admitted to doing this themselves: It’s basically a way of circumventing queue times by just keeping their characters perpetually logged into the server even if the human player was not at the controls.

As a way to keep from getting kicked from the server for inactivity, players are just pointing their characters at a wall and setting them to run forward into the wall aimlessly until they return. Players in the Reddit post defended this decision by saying that, if they did not do this, it would take hours for them to get back onto the server. I’m not hypocritical enough to pretend I wouldn’t do the exact same thing.

Amazon has said it plans to set up more servers but we don’t have a timeframe on that yet, so we have no idea when the servers are going to free up enough that this won’t be necessary anymore. The only recommendation I have for the moment is just to not play the game until the servers are better — save your dignity and a wall if nothing else.


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