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Amazon’s MMORPG New World was released for PC on Tuesday, and while the players who can get in seem to be enjoying the title, the majority of the game’s coverage has been negative due to its ongoing server issues. With five server regions available and the might of one of the world’s most powerful companies behind the title, it seemed like things would go smoothly–but with 700,000 concurrent players on launch day, the reality wasn’t so simple. Problems are ongoing, and it’s unclear how long it will take for this particular problem to be consistently solved. In the meantime, a more pricey claim is being raised by a few New World players: bricked GPUs.

In a recent Twitter post shared by PowerGPU, a number of New World players have claimed that their GPU units are not working after playing the MMO, with some complaints being made within only hours of the game’s release on September 28. The most painful claims come from Nvidia RTX 3090 users who, earlier this year, said that playing the beta rendered their pricey GPUs totally unusable. Amazon quickly swooped in to refute those claims, stating the following: “New World makes standard DirectX calls as provided by the Windows API. We have seen no indication of widespread issues with 3090s, either in the beta or during our many months of alpha testing.” Indeed, the company has since had their name cleared, as EVGA has noted that the dead 3090s were killed by a soldering error unrelated to New World. The units were simply faulty, and those affected by the bug were shipped replacement components.

Basically, there’s no reason to believe that New World is at fault for these dead GPUs, though if any facts proving otherwise come in, we’ll be sure to report them as soon as possible.

New World is currently available on PC, though beware–with the way things are going, it might take a little extra time to get past the title screen. We applaud Amazon, however, for being transparent as they work on solving these irritating issues as fast as possible.


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