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New World

New World has been out for just over one week, and the hype hasn’t yet died down. Amazon’s new MMORPG has players stunned at the enormity of its open world, though sadly, even more players have been stunned at the initial lack of server space. Given that the company behind the title is one of the largest on Earth with unlimited resources at its disposal, the oversight made little sense. Queues have been comically length, and more and more people have taken to abusing the AFK feature to avoid being kicked and having to go to the back of the line. While that particular issue is being combated, the server problem is still taking center stage. Amazon just announced that New World currently has more than double the number of servers it had last Tuesday.

Version 1.0.1 was just added to the game, and though the update corrected dozens of annoying bugs, Amazon says that expanding server access has to be the main priority at the moment. Along with increasing the number of servers in general, server capacity on existing servers has also been increased. The company is also working on a feature that will allow players to transfer existing characters to different servers. While there’s no exact date specified for that very helpful feature, Amazon says it will be available soon.

Within 24 hours of launch, New World managed to pull in over 700,000 concurrent players. This milestone was quickly marred by the fact that the MMO only had 200 servers, each capped at a 2,000 player capacity. Currently, creating new characters on full servers is not permitted.

The new update also includes a change for the War mechanic: turret projections will be changed from objects to hitscan detection. With any hope, this will reduce the server load and improve gameplay overall.

New World is now available to play on PC, and with any hope, queuing won’t be a newsworthy issue in the near future.


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