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A patch for the Steam version of Nier Automata has finally arrived, over four years after the game was initially released. This patch will finally fix at least some of the issues that have plagued the Steam version of the game. While there’s no way to know whether this patch will fix all of the game’s issues, at least it’s something. The patch rolls out on July 15.

The developers announced the launch of the patch on Twitter and said it would fix: Borderless video settings, automatically booting the game into HDR mode, adding 4K UI textures, stabilizing cutscenes at 60FPS, bit rate improvements, a new global illumination feature that can be set at High, Medium, or Low, and general bug fixes. According to the patch notes, the game has also been stabilized at 60FPS under default settings, and the game will no longer display the mouse cursor when the player is using a controller.

It’s been so bad that modders have had to fix the PC version up. The FAR (Fix Automata Resolution) mod on Steam is one of the most popular mods for the game, and its upgrades the resolution of the game (locked at 720p at launch — the mod boosts it to 1080p). There have also been multiple mods that upgrade the look of the Steam version of the game.

No word on why it took four years to get the game fixed up. Other PC ports haven’t fared much better, as the Xbox Game Pass PC version isn’t better and actually even worse than the Steam version, according to research by Digital Foundry. It did have some fixes, which reinvigorated the disdain for the Steam version. As stated, the patch rolls out in a few days, so we’ll have to see if this adds enough fixes that users will no longer need the mods.

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