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Nintendo might have discontinued the Nintendo 3DS, but that doesn’t mean the company is not offering small tidbits of support. Most of us are likely already on the Nintendo Switch or the Nintendo Switch Lite. Before that, we had another hit portable gaming handheld, the Nintendo 3DS. This device has been around for ages, and surprisingly, today, we got a new minor update. Unfortunately, don’t expect anything significant here.

It’s not a big surprise to see the occasional update for discontinued consoles. However, these updates might not add anything significant. Instead, they are usually based on adding stability or security tweaks. That should hopefully allow players to continue enjoying the system without much of a problem. That’s more or less what this latest update took the Nintendo 3DS to 11.15.0-47. It’s been noted that this is just an update to add stability. However, there appears to be some adjustment to the internet browser as well. 

The Nintendo 3DS, as mentioned, has been around for a while. Initially coming out in 2011, the handheld eventually received several different revisions and editions. Unfortunately, you can’t find these units in stores today as it was discontinued back in 2020. Instead, Nintendo is pushing their latest console hybrid in the marketplace, the Nintendo Switch, which features the best of both worlds.

Standard Nintendo Switch consoles can be enjoyed portably or docked like a traditional home console. However, if you’re purely after something portable and want to save a bit of money, there is the Nintendo Switch Lite. At the very least, this latest update should hopefully keep your Nintendo 3DS chugging along until you decide to make the upgrade. 


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