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It’s not surprising to see some platforms start losing out on features after successors have emerged into the marketplace. Normally, there is plenty of support for these platforms long after the release of their successors. This period not only gives players some more time with their platform without finding anything being removed but also time to make the necessary upgrade to the next-generation video game console platform. For those of you running the older Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS will find that there is one popular service being discontinued.

The Nintendo Wii U was a failed console that didn’t hit the strides Nintendo had hoped for. Instead, the console was quickly shelved with Nintendo bringing out a new platform into the marketplace. Nintendo Switch was a massive success when it launched as both a home console along a handheld platform. This hybrid console is still heavily supported and enjoyed by fans worldwide. With that said, it does look like if you were holding out from upgrading your console and used the previous Nintendo Wii U then you’re going to find that the Netflix service being pulled.

Netflix will no longer be available on the Nintendo Wii U along with the Nintendo 3DS platforms. It’s not surprising as again these services and features are normally pulled from consoles after the support starts being dropped. In fact it was recently unveiled that the PlayStation Vita had its messaging services removed. Since Netflix is one of the more popular streaming services available, it might be a bit of a hit for some users.

Regardless, this is just another reason to make the upgrade to a Nintendo Switch. Again, this is a hybrid console so you’ll get the best of both worlds as a home console unit along with a portable device. With that said, if you’re strictly after a more portable system then you can find the Nintendo Switch Lite as being a great alternative. 

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