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When it comes to Nintendo, the company has been running its streams for years. Known as Nintendo Direct, players can tune into these small bite-size shows online. In addition, we’ve seen Nintendo Directs based around video games to console platforms. However, we typically don’t get much of a warning about when these events will occur. Today, we’re looking at rumors circulating the internet about what could be in store next.

A new rumor has been surfacing online that Nintendo may be holding a Nintendo Direct this month. If these rumors turn out to be accurate, then we should see an announcement soon. Likewise, the rumor claims that this stream will be highlighting games coming out this year along with early 2022. We imagine that there are plenty of fans out there that are hopeful a past video game announcement pops up again.

Recently, there have been rumors that Nintendo is going to be adding onto the online service. Currently, Nintendo Switch Online offers both the Nintendo Entertainment System along the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. A rumor on this service is that Nintendo will be adding both the Game Boy and Game Boy Color. It’s only a rumor right now, but that has plenty of fans eager to see something else finally get added into the mix.

Of course, both the Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo Entertainment System have notable omissions. Players have vented their frustrations over the lack of these classic video game titles. As a result, the Game Boy and Game Boy Color games might also lack video game content that is readily available for players. While we’re still waiting on the official announcement of a Nintendo Direct, the past several years have seen a stream during September. Perhaps we’ll see one this month which will also confirm the Game Boy and Game Boy Color games.


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