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Nintendo has rolled out a new software update for Switch owners that allows users to pair Bluetooth audio devices with their consoles. That’s right, the console is finally getting a feature that’s been missing since it launched in 2017. There don’t appear to be any limits on what kind of audio devices can be attached — speakers, headphones, and such will all work with the Switch if you pair them up. This feature will work with the Switch, Switch Lite, and upcoming Switch OLED.

Nintendo announced the feature on Twitter today, to the surprise of its fans. The upgrade actually rolled out on September 14. According to the update notes, software version 13.0 adds the ability to bear Bluetooth audio devices: “Headphones, earbuds, speakers, and other audio devices that connect with Bluetooth can now be paired with Nintendo Switch family systems for audio output.”

The support page notes that only one Bluetooth audio device can be in use at any time, though “up to 10 devices can be saved on a Nintendo Switch system.” It also adds that Bluetooth microphones can’t be paired with the Switch, though that’s not a surprise given that the console doesn’t support voice chat and you have to do that through an app anyway. Another restriction in the notes is “Up to two compatible wireless controllers can be connected to the system while using Bluetooth audio.”

A few other upgrades rolled out with this update, including the ability to leave your Switch connected to the internet while it’s asleep when you have a wired internet connection: “When this setting is enabled, systems with wired internet connections will maintain internet connection even while in sleep mode. This allows for software and add-on content to download to the system while the system is in sleep mode.” This setting is enabled by default.


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