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The Nintendo Switch is a massively popular video game console. This hybrid platform also has an online service much like its competitors. However, to gain access to online multiplayer along with some video game deals, you’ll need to fetch over some money monthly or annually. Fortunately, Nintendo Switch’s online service is drastically cheaper than its competitors. For $20, you can gain access to the online features and discounts for an entire year.

Also, much like its competitors, Nintendo offers free video game titles just for being an online subscriber. Unfortunately, these games are not the latest video game titles or high-profile releases like Xbox or PlayStation’s online service. Instead, players are given a compilation of retro video game titles, which can be a bit fun to play around with. If you’re feeling nostalgic, the collection of games ranges from the Nintendo Entertainment System along with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Meanwhile, a new rumor is circulating online that the Nintendo Switch Online service will be adding Game Boy and Game Boy Color video games. This comes from the Nate the Hate podcast which the host has claimed insider information. We can expect Game Boy and Game Boy Color games to hit the service very soon. There’s no time frame given, but this would allow the service to expand on what video game titles they can bring out.

Of course, Nintendo has been receiving plenty of flack on the game choices alone. There are several omissions from the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. As a result, the games available might not meet some expectations fans have.


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