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The Nintendo Switch is a highly regarded console platform today. After their failure with the Wii U, Nintendo brought out a hybrid console. This platform appealed to both players on the go along with those that wanted a traditional at-home experience. However, it looks like the Nintendo Switch might finally get a price cut. Ultimately, that could mean more players could adopt the console and enjoy the various first-party Nintendo game releases.

This is not an official announcement. Right now, all we have is a report from an industry insider from France. The discount would drop the console price by about $50, which would be a nice discount. If true, that could mean we will see a drop for the current models available right now as we gear up to the launch of the Nintendo Switch OLED model. Although, this is not something to bank on right now.

Nintendo is typically pretty strict with their prices both for consoles and video games. So we might see the console stick to its price point. After all, the platform has been doing well, but if we see a price drop, it might be an indicator that another revision model is coming out. That’s purely speculative on my part, but we have been seeing rumors for a couple of years now that a new Pro model would be coming out.

Again, since this is just a report from an industry insider in France. We might be waiting a good little bit before we get any official announcement. Nintendo could be unveiling this price drop in a new Direct, which might seem like a good way to hype up the discount. For now, all we can do is wait for the official word from Nintendo. But this could be a big win for those that have yet to purchase a unit.


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