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No More Heroes 3 is a strange game made by a very strange man. The final game in the “trilogy” — or so creator SUDA51 says — pits Travis Touchdown against a gang of intergalactic aliens instead of his usual assassin bounties. The aliens are the top ranked superheroes, and they’re going to take over Earth. Only the top ranked assassin in the world, Travis, can take on the aliens and save his friends.

There is absolutely no way to predict what will happen next in No More Heroes 3. Each battle is wildly unique, weird, and sometimes they take shocking turns. Expect the unexpected, and be prepared for some truly out-there opponents. Like all the games in the series, this is basically a boss rush. You complete jobs to unlock the next ranked battle, but those battles can take any form. Below, you’ll find a full gallery showcasing every single boss in the game — and the surprise intrusions. There a major spoilers below, so I recommend playing the game if you’re curious.

And don’t forget to unlock the gacha machines between all these boss battles.

Boss #1: Mr. Blackhole

Mr. Blackhole is the first boss — and he can take you by surprise. This weird looking alien entity spawns blackholes, jumping through them and teleporting. Travis needs patience to bring this big bad guy down. Buying some sushi from the kiosk before the big battle is basically required.

After the fight, you’ll transform into Full Armor Mode to take him down with Travis’s super-charged mecha suit. This stage of the battle is totally easy. Travis just needs to launch his missiles and dodge the giant Blackhole’s attacks to defeat him.

Boss #2: Gold Joe

The second boss is the intergalactic space ore smuggler Gold Joe. A rich subject of Prince FU, Gold Joe uses the powers of magnetism in battle. Magnetism is both a danger and a helpful tool for Travis — when the boss magnetizes and tries to pull you into his attacks, you need to jump on the red / blue panels and grab the opposite magnetic pole. Magnetic poles are attracted to each other, so you want to get the opposite pole to push him away.

When Gold Joe spins, jump onto the opposite magnetic pole and Travis can push him into the electrified walls on the edge of the arena, doing damage to Gold Joe. Once you learn the trick, Gold Joe is barely a bronze.

Boss #3: Black Night Direction ???

Instead of battling Black Night Direction, Travis has to fight a surprise assassin in Neo Osaka. A hyper-powered ninja from the future arrives and teleports around the arena. This mystery man can also summon illusory images of himself to attack multiple times. He has lightning fast ninja techniques, and can run up walls to perform a deadly downward strike on Travis. Be prepared for a fast and furious fight!

Boss #4: Vanishing Point Kimmy Love

Another alien contender is defeated by a surprise intruder. This time, you’ll have to fight an enemy from Travis’s past — Kimmy Howell. Back in No More Heroes 2, Kimmy was an optional boss that Travis didn’t kill. He just defeats her with a wrestling move, and they vow to battle again in the future. That battle is happening now, because Kimmy has adopted the persona of Kimmy Love and uses her stage to strike.

Kimmy’s huge stage can spawn pyro, enveloping the area in cascading fire Travis needs to dodge through. Kimmy herself is a fierce opponent, using a dual-sided plasma sword and moving ridiculously fast. Like the previous boss, she’s nimble and uses a wide variety of killer attacks. She’s one of the toughest opponents, so you’ll need to beef up Travis before attempting to take her out.

Boss #5: Velvetchair Girl Ohma

Finally, an alien Travis actually battles! But, this is a weird one. Velvet Chair Girl is a champion of Musical Chairs, so you start by completing several rounds — Travis must press buttons as they appear in sequence, then rush to be first in the chair. That’s the easy part. After that, you have to battle Velvetchair Girl’s pet…

Ohma is a massive pink blob that blasts an insta-kill cannon of energy at Travis. One hit and the fight is over, making this one of the trickiest battles in the game. Play it safe and run away when the monster blasts another gastro beam — your regular run is enough to escape the gliding energy attack. As you hit it, Ohma becomes smaller and harder to predict. Recommend you get bonus damage sushi before entering this fight to take out Ohma faster.

Boss #6: Midori Midorikawa

The creepy darkworld princess employs two demonic hands that can unleash a variety of attacks. She’s a powerful opponent, so Travis immediately enters the battle in armored mode. With the extra power of your armor like enhanced mobility, a powerful melee strike, and missile barrages, Midori is basically guaranteed to go down without too much effort on normal difficulty. Travis just has to survive her creepy, blood-dripping nightmare school stage before the real fight begins.

Boss #7: Sniping Lee Destroyman

A great hero, the Champion, swoops in to save Travis from the sights of Sniping Lee. That alien didn’t stand a chance, but there’s another problem Champ needs to sort out — Destroyman’s secret factory! This psycho superhero first appeared in No More Heroes 1 and has been a reoccurring boss ever since. This Destroyman can summon weaker Destroyman robotic clones, and he’s fully adopted his machine form after being sliced in half twice by Travis. His killer beam attack still rocks Travis’s world.

Boss #8: Sonic Juice

Sonic Juice isn’t your normal boss fight. During the first stage, you have to take him on in a turn-based JRPG battle. The only way to damage him is by using Thunder to power-up Travis’s sword, then attacking to deal a critical hit. Any other attacks are completely useless. Just keep repeating that sequence, and using healing items when necessary

Once you knock off enough health, the real battle will begin. Sonic Juice is an alien equipped with a massive armor suit and water-based powers. You’ll need to wait for him to get close enough to attack, and watch out for the water waves he summons. Sonic Juice might have a weird name, but he’s an honorable opponent that Travis would gladly spare.

Boss #9: Paradox Bandit Henry Cooldown

Right after the fight with Sonic Juice, Travis feels a cold chill in the air. A dark figure is waiting for him in the parking lot. Travis’s dark-sided brother Henry Cooldown, has been contracted to kill Travis. He’s working for an evil organization called the Order of the Emerald Night, and he’s the most badass opponent yet. Henry uses a variety of attacks directly lifted from protagonists like Dante from Devil May Cry — he’s extremely fast, able to instantly appear behind you or above you and attack. Practice your perfect dodges, because you’ll need them to fend off Henry… temporarily.

Boss #10: Prince FU

Prince FU is your final opponent, and easily the hardest boss in the game. After Travis taunts FU, the battle begins with FU super-charged. FU has a unique gimmick — when his pink eyes are open, he has an invulnerable shield around him. Travis can only damage FU when his shield briefly drops after an attack or combo. Perfect dodges won’t help Travis here.

FU employs a variety of powerful ranged attacks. To really damage FU, stay close to him and bait out his close-range melee attacks. He has a three-hit combo, a grapple attempt, and more. Time your counter-attack to right after he finishes. Once FU is briefly stunned after an attack opening, you can unleash a full-force combo of your own. It takes FU a moment to recover, so Travis can keep hammering him for several seconds after a successful attack.

The battle just keeps getting more difficult, with more deadly long-range attacks. Bring Death Glove abilities like the turret to shoot FU while he uses his floating hair attack or shockwaves — during these attacks, his shield is off, making him vulnerable to any long-range attacks you can hit him with.

Boss #11: Prince FU – Stage 2

The second stage of the FU fight is much easier for Travis, but still tricky. FU takes on a bizarre form — turning into a dome-shaped tent and sealing you inside a tight arena covered with eyeballs. FU spawns arms out of the eyeballs, attempting to strike at Travis. Once Travis deals enough damage, it will also blast damaging laser beams throughout the arena in random patterns. Run around and play it safe, baiting out the arms, dodging when they launch out, and attacking until they revert back.

Keep smashing each arm, and this weirdo battle is over. FU is finally defeated.

Boss #12: Damon

Damon was the villain all along. Not just a lackey for Prince FU, Damon summoned FU by projecting all his hatred for Travis Touchdown. Unleashing his true demonic form, the final battle against Damon takes the form of… a Smash Bros. battle? Yep, you need to build up Damon’s damage gauge to 100%, then perform a special attack to knock him out of the arena (and the game) for good. The tricky part is, Travis also has a 100% gauge. For this 2D battle, you’ll want to play it safe, dealing damage to Damon while taking as little as possible. That way you can knock him out first.

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