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Early in No Mores Heroes 3, you’ll probably ask yourself — where are the Gacha Machines? There’s a special shelf in Travis’s apartment specifically dedicated to Gachas that goes unused for most of the game. Even once you reach Neo Osaka, a perfect spot for Gachas, there’s nothing to be found. If you were as confused as us, then you’ll be happy to hear that those Gacha Machines are actually a lot closer than you’d think. They’re found inside the No More Heroes 3 motel, you just need to get your killer hands on a key.

Getting the key requires completing a secret sidequest that’s ridiculously easy to miss. There are actually multiple sidequests you can encounter while exploring the vast (and mostly empty) open-world of Santa Destroy. They aren’t marked on your map, and progressing in those sidequests is hardly obvious. Sometimes you need to complete weird little tasks, sometimes you need to find new sidequest spots. This is just one of those games that makes life difficult on purpose. We can’t provide answers when it comes to SUDA51 and his games, but we can tell you how to get the Gacha Machine room key.

How To Unlock Gacha Machines | Secret Collectibles Guide

Unlock the Thunderdome region, and enter Neo Osaka by defeating Boss Rank #3. The quest can’t be completed until you defeat Boss Rank #4 to unlock the Call of Battle region.

  • Step #1: To begin the quest, go to Neo Osaka and take the first left, then a right into the alley. There’s a little circle marker that initiates a text adventure sequence.

NOTE: It looks like a collectible card marker, but it doesn’t appear on your map.

  • Step #2: He wants you to find a pickaxe. Go to the street that leads to the Osaka Tower. There’s another marker here. Complete the text adventure to get the pickaxe.
  • Step #3: Go back to the original alley to talk to the man again. It’s the left alley in Neo Osaka.
  • Step #4: Six ore rocks will spawn in Neo Osaka. Go and smash all six. There’s a tricky one near the shrine in the right alley.
  • Step #5: Go back to the left alley with the man, and he’ll order you to get them polished.
  • Step #6: Travel to Call of Battle (unlocks after Boss Rank #4) and go to the Sushi shop / restroom / alien / ATM spot. It’s right in the center of the region. Use the marker here and the stones will get polished.
  • Step #7: Return to Neo Osaka again for your reward! There’s a silly conversation, but what really matters is that you’ll get a Motel Key.

The Motel Key unlocks a room on the first floor of the No More Heroes motel. Inside, you’ll find three Gacha machines that cost different amounts of UtopiCoin. Each machine gives a different type of little collectible, and they’ll all appear on your wall in your motel room.

If you want to collect them all, you’ll just have to rely on luck. I guess this is why you might want to continue grinding even after you’ve basically unlocked everything else. This is something you can keep spending coin on for a very long time to get everything. The Gachas will unlock scenes of epic battles from No More Heroes past, or give you figurines of assassins and aliens. Obviously, all the aliens are really only in this game specifically. But, if you’re eager to revisit some of the bizarre opponents Travis has had to defeat, this is a grindy way to walk down memory lane.

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