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Dead Space is quite the iconic video game franchise. While it had a massive following, we only received three mainline installments. For years now, it’s been a game we’ve been waiting to see a reboot or potentially a new sequel. As you likely are well aware, a reboot is happening, and it’s coming from EA Motive. With all the excitement building up on the upcoming game installment, it’s only natural to reflect on that original Dead Space game release.

Glen Schofield, if you don’t know him by name, then you’re at least familiar with his work. This is the man who brought out Dead Space and led an incredibly talented team during production. While Glen has since moved on to a position at another studio, this new Dead Space announcement has the developer reflecting back to his time with the IP. In particular, Glen spoke to Edge magazine about his time showcasing Dead Space to Shinji Mikami. 

Again much like Glen Schofield, if you don’t know Shinji Mikami by his name, then you’ll know his accomplishments. Shinji is known for bringing out Resident Evil, Dino Crisis, and The Evil Within. With a highly credible line of survival horror video game releases, who better to show Dead Space to? Glen noted that EA was inviting different individuals from the industry to check out Dead Space, with Shinji Mikami being one of them. 

According to Glen, Shinji noted that the developers had something special there. That was quite a compliment from an industry veteran. Now it’s up to EA Motive to deliver another terrifying gameplay experience for fans. This announcement alone has already sparked interest from Glen Schofield as well. Likewise, we know that the developers are looking over the entire franchise to get inspiration for their Dead Space release. 


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