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Outer Wilds doesn’t explain anything before dumping you into a vast universe to explore, with a mystery at its heart. The Echoes of the Eye DLC does the same thing — there’s no explanation, just a tiny hint to point you in the right direction. The only easy-to-find addition is located in the Observatory Museum, where a new exhibit has been added. This only gives you the barest of clues, so if you’re stuck and want to really get into the meat of this incredible expansion, this is what you need to know.

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How To Begin The Echoes of the Eye DLC

To begin your new adventure into the spooky secrets of the solar system, travel to the Observatory on Timber Hearth. In the museum area, look for the “New Exhibit” — it is located to the left as you enter the main museum room.

  • At the Observatory, take note of the Transmission Tower and the Satellite’s unique orbit.

Next, board your ship and search Timber Hearth for the Transmission Tower (pictured in the new exhibit), located in the northern hemisphere. Look for a tall tower with a path leading to a forest.

Inside the Transmission Tower, use the recording device. One of the photos shows something strange — you’ll also locate the Unknown Transmission signal connected to the Transmission Tower. Fly onto the roof to acquire the Deep Space Radio Frequency.

Now, hop into your ship and follow the Deep Space Radio. Follow the signal to find the erratically moving satellite — it is very small and very fast, so getting close can be tricky. Match speed, and then get out to reach a floating recording device near the satellite.

  • While at the Satellite, stay on it and watch the solar system. Watch especially at these angles — shown on the screens outside the Satellite.
    • Satellite Angle: 248 degrees
    • Satellite Angle: 350 degrees
    • Satellite Angle: 40 degrees

At Satellite Angle: 40 degrees, you’ll see a strange shadow over the sun while near the satellite. You can’t lock-on to this object. Be ready in your ship, and fly toward the strange shadow on the sun. Try to stay behind it, using the sun to keep your eye on it — otherwise you’ll lose it completely.

Inch closer to the strange void and you’ll be teleported onto a vast alien ship. Land in the hangar, and your true journey into the DLC will begin.

HINT: If you’re stuck in the first room, try using your flashligh.

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