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Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye doesn’t just hide one massive secret — there are two. Finding the invisible space station is just your first step. Once you’ve boarded the massive spinning enclosure, you can teleport to a second location in a far-away solar system. Yes, we’re travelling to another planet entirely. One of complete darkness, that’s full of terrifying stalkers ready to put out your light forever. And finding your way to the hidden planet isn’t easy.

To get there, you need to understand some pretty arcane mechanics. The game will only outright explain all these details if you’ve searched every inch of the Stranger — and a real clear explanation is only available in a room that’s so secret and hard-to-reach, finding the hidden planet area is honestly a whole lot easier. If you’re struggling and don’t know what to do on the Stranger, here’s one huge second step in your journey.

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How To Travel To The Hidden World | Walkthrough

There’s a hidden mechanic on the Stranger that allows you to transport to different areas of a distant planet — the planet features four areas, which you can access through three Mural Temples. By utilizing this mechanic, you can inch slightly closer to your final goal and discover the mystery behind the Stranger.

  • How To Travel To The Hidden World:
    • To travel to the distant planet, you need to enter the secret room in Mural Temples while holding an artifact.
    • Inside the Secret Ritual Room, select “Doze Off” when looking at the green fire.
    • You’ll wake up on another planet.

All three Mural Temples have a secret room. The Mural Temples are located in; Hidden Gorge, River Lowlands and Cinder Isles. You can teleport from all three of these temples — each temple consists of a small room filled with murals. The room is identical at all three locations.

  • How To Unlock The Secret Door In The Mural Temples:
    • In any Mural Temple, remove the lanterns from the mural with a bright ringed planet. The ringed planet mural is always the hidden door.
    • Once the ringed planet mural is in complete darkness, it will recede and reveal the hidden passage.

Take the hidden passage to the Secret Ritual Room. These rooms are packed with dead alien bodies holding weird devices, with a green fire in the center. To travel to the distant world, you need to acquire an Artifact.

  • How To Acquire An Artifact:
    • In the River Lowlands where you always start on the Stranger, there’s an abandoned house on the right shore covered in Ghost Matter.
    • Go around to the back (left of the front door) and enter the house through the broken floor.
    • The Artifact is on the table.

Once you acquire the Artifact from the Ghost Matter House once, you’ll know where the ghost matter is located and can easily grab it every time you enter the Stranger right at the start. There are many other locations with Artifacts, but they’re often further out-of-the-way. The Ghost Matter House is directly next to your starting location, so always easy to access.

On the other side of the Ritual Rooms, there are four locations you can access that are shrouded in total darkness. If your green artifact light goes out, you will instantly teleport out of the area. Creatures stalk the darkness in search of you. New mechanics will force you to think with light and shadow.

Just remember that you can Conceal and Focus with the artifact. Focus your light to cause certain effects, and conceal to avoid threats. This is a totally different experience than anything else in Outer Wilds. Explore all three locations through the Ritual Rooms (Endless Canyon, Starlit Cove, Shrouded Woodlands) for clues to your next objective.

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