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The Echoes of the Eye expansion for Outer Wilds adds 14 hidden achievements / trophies — yep, they’re all secret, so if you want to know how to get any of them, you seriously need to look at a guide just like this. I was able to unlock a handful accidentally, but you’re kind of handicapped when you don’t even know what you’re trying to do. And I know exactly why are the challenges are hidden — the developers don’t want to spoil the actual content of the expansion. I don’t blame them, discovering the truth of Echoes of the Eye is one of the best parts of the game.

And you’ll need to basically finish the DLC before attempting any of these achievements / trophies. They require some serious prior knowledge. You’ll need to fully understand the many mechanics of the world, including how to reach the “Forbidden Archives” — just come back here after reaching your goal, and you’ll be well-prepared to unlock all of these. Once you know how to do them, they’re all pretty easy. Then you can enjoy a 100% complete DLC pack.

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100% Completion Guide | All Achievements & Trophies

Every achievement / trophy in Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye is hidden / secret. There are no achievements / trophies that can be unlocked through normal progression. They’re all weird challenges!

  • The Silenced Cartographer: Render the Deep Space Satellite inoperable.
    • To begin the Echoes of the Eye DLC, you’ll need to locate this satellite. Go to the transmission tower on Timber Hearth and get close to the tower signal. Now you can follow it.
    • To break the satellite, fly into it at full speed — or as fast as you possibly can. It is easier to hit when it is on course and hasn’t yet been touched.
  • The Grate Filter: Swim through the dam grate. Not everyone makes it!
    • Inside the Stranger, there is a large dam. You can access it quickly from the hangar entrance — use the easy-to-miss side-door on the left and ride the lift up to the dam.
    • The dam grates are located deep underwater in the Reservoir. Swim down and slip through a grate to earn this one. Very simple.
  • Tubular!: Ride the face of the wave for at least 15 seconds on a raft.
    • After 13 minutes, the dam in the Stranger will break and release a tidal wave.
    • To stay on it for 15 seconds, position a raft near the rock arch before the Cinder Isles area. When the wave sweeps you up, aim for the left canyon path. That’s the easiest way to ride for 15 seconds.
  • Around The World In 90 Seconds: Raft around the Stranger in under 90 seconds.
    • Wait until the dam breaks (13 minutes in) and use the straightaways / rapids to go faster. Take the simplest path with the fewest turns.
    • To go faster, stand in the back of the raft and flash your light on two (or three) of the raft control rods at the same time.
  • Fire Arrows: Shoot the Little Scout at the artificial sun in the Stranger.
    • In the Stranger, look up at the bright light on the right glass wall. That’s the artificial sun, and hitting it with the scout can be tricky.
    • Stand on top of the Cinder Isles Tower, or go to the large field just before the Cinder Isles and jetpack to a high hill. The scout will curve with the turning of the space station, so aim and readjust until you score a direct hit.
  • Flat Hearther: Stand your ground beneath a moving chain elevator.
    • Simple, just stand under an elevator. The hangar elevator won’t work.
    • Go to the Hidden Gorge and stand under the elevator leading up from the raft dock.
  • Celsius 232.78: This knowledge isn’t going to forbid itself!
    • Just take any Slide Reel and burn it in a campfire. You can do this from the River Lowlands, just travel into the large projector building and take it to the ritual room.
    • The ritual room with the green fire can be accessed by removing the lanterns from the ringed planet mural at any of the mural buildings.
    • Just collect any Slide Reel and place it on the fire.
  • Simulation Hypothesis: Attempt to use the artifact at a normal campfire. Well, that settles that!
    • Grab the Artifact from the Ghost Matter house in the River Lowlands, then reboard your ship and return to any campfire. The ones in Timber Hearth are easy and safe to reach.
    • Just attempt to “Doze Off” at any regular red fire while holding the Artifact to unlock this achievement.
  • Early Adopter: Attempt to use the second artifact prototype. Curiosity killed the cat, but a time loop brought it back.
    • Here’s a very tricky one. Check the guide linked here for full details.
    • Otherwise, fly to the upper-left of the hangar entrance to find a hull breach. Exit your ship and fly into the hidden room.
    • In this room, collect a special unfinished artifact. It is a lantern with an enclosure but no focusing device.
    • Take it to any of the ritual rooms with the green campfires and fall asleep to unlock.
  • Sleep. Wake. Repeat.: Be woken up from a dream 5 different ways in a single loop.
    • There are a total of six ways to wake up in the Dream World: fall into water, wall from a high height, stand in fire, get caught by a stone sentry, get caught by a stalker, and get crushed by a chain elevator.
    • “Die” in five of these ways all in the same loop.
  • You’ll Never Take Me Alive: Escape your pursuers by jumping to your “death” instead of dodging past them.
    • To reliably unlock this challenge, go to the Endless Canyon and release the pursuers by extinguishing the fire at the porthole device. Now, sneak into the large building and reach the porthole device that activates the bridge leading to the Forbidden Archive.
    • Once the bridge is activated, go left to the balcony and jump into the water instead of sneaking around the pursuers. This may be unlocked in other areas, but I can confirm it works here.
  • 1 / 900: Yahaha! You found me!
    • In the Endless Canyon, extinguish the porthole device across the invisible bridge to unlock all the doors in the large building. With all the doors opened, follow the passages up instead of down. More doors are open, giving you access to the upper floors.
    • At the top floor, reach the balcony and jump onto the roof. At the very top of the roof, collect the Golden Poop to unlock this Easter egg.
  • Oof Ouch, My Bones: Have your spine adjusted by a pursuer.
    • Go to any area of the Other World / Dream World where pursuers patrol — the easiest location is the Shrouded Woodlands. Drop your Artifact and walk outside of its range.
    • Now, approach any pursuer. You might have to get very close to trigger them. Let them grab you.
  • Ghosts In The Machine: Reach all 3 Forbidden Archives in a single loop without getting caught.
    • Before attempting this, you’ll want to find all three hidden archives.
    • Turn on the Low-Scares Mode in the Options. That makes Pursuers much slower.
    • In my opinion, the Endless Canyon is the hardest location to avoid pursuers. Do this first — extinguish the porthole device fire, activate the bridge, and reach the archive.
    • Next, go to the Starlit Cove. This one is slightly easier. Dodge the pursuer on the ground level of the village, then stay on the left / right side of the underground with your Artifact concealed.
    • Finally, go to the Shrouded Woodland last. After the dam breaks, this area is completely devoid of enemies. Go through the secret underground passage under the tree and enter the room behind the fire.

Do it all in one loop, and you’ll have completed the hardest achievement / trophy in the game. Enjoy your 100% completion.

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