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The Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye DLC doesn’t offer many clues when you first enter the strange Other World through the fire room ritual. The vast, inky darkness doesn’t help much — and learning exactly how to navigate these areas can be a nightmare, especially when you’re scared out of your mind. There is one location that promises clues for all three Other World areas, so if you’re incredibly stuck in the Stranger, this is one area you must check out.

The Abandoned Temple is located in the Hidden Gorge, which is accessed by taking the right fork (on the rightmost path) through the canyons past the Cinder Isles. Once you’ve reached the village built into the walls of the canyon, you can take the cave path to reach the Abandoned Temple. You’ll likely find the Abandoned Temple much earlier — if you take the “normal” path through the canyons, you’ll reach a giant rotted bridge that leads straight to it. But, the only true method to reach the temple is through the Hidden Gorge cavern.

Inside the Abandoned Temple, you’ll find one of two keypad locks. The other keypad lock is located in the Reservoir. If you want to know how to get both codes, this is what you need to know.

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How To Get The Abandoned Temple Code | Puzzle Solution Guide

To find the Abandoned Temple code, you must first discover a hidden room located in the Island Tower. This is one of the most obscure secret rooms in the DLC.

Extinguish the lights in the Other World, then return to the identical room in the Stranger.
  • How To Find The Island Tower Code Storage Room:
    • Travel to the Island Tower in the Cinder Isles area of the Stanger.
    • Use the lower passage (rocky cave in the water) to reach the hidden entrance to the Island Tower. The stairs lead to a room with a mural of the Island Tower and a ringed planet. Just take note of this room.
  • Collect an Artifact and use the Island Tower green fire room to travel to the Other World. (Get an Artifact from the Ghost Matter house, then remove the lanterns from the ringed planet mural in the main Island Tower room. Doze off at the green fire.)
    • In the Starlit Cove, enter the main area and go left, then take the first left to a rocky cliff with a porthole device. Focus your Artifact light on the device to make a boathouse appear next to the Island Tower.
    • Go to the boathouse and use the bridge to reach the Island Tower lower entrance. Go up the stairs to the room that is identical to the Island Tower / Ringed Planet mural room.
      • In this room, extinguish all four candles.

Exit the Other World and return to this room in the Stranger. A secret passage will now be unlocked. Downstairs, you’ll find two codes — one for the Spaceship Room in the Reservoir, and one for the Slide Reel Temple in the Hidden Gorge.

Go through this cave in the Hidden Gorge to reach the Abandoned Temple.
  • Travel to the Hidden Gorge (enter the rightmost canyon past the Cinder Isles, and stay right at the fork) then enter the Ghost Matter cave to reach the Slide Reel Temple.

Opening The Abandoned Temple Lock: Input the code (Right Sliver Moon, Ringed Planet, Right Sliver Moon, Twinkle, Twinkle) into the device on the upper level. This summons a hidden elevator behind a door on the third level.

  • Inside the Slide Reel Temple secret room, there are three maps. Place a lantern at each to reveal a hidden Slide Reel marker at the Cinder Isles, Hidden Gorge, and River Lowlands.
    • There is also a Slide Reel here you can take.
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