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When it comes to hero-based shooters, Overwatch is likely the first title to come to mind. The video game blew up in popularity as teams worked together using an assortment of special ability characters. While the game has continued to find an audience of players and viewers through streaming and tournaments, we know that a sequel is coming. So far, there is no official release date as to when Overwatch 2 will hit the marketplace. Still, it’s not looking good for fans hoping to see it come out before the end of 2022. 

Overwatch 2 was initially unveiled to the public in 2019. However, we’re still waiting on more information to come out in terms of official news. Still, one insider that has claimed multiple sources states that Blizzard is further behind in development. Now it looks like the game won’t be launching in 2022. That might be a bit of a bummer to hear for fans waiting on this sequel. However, some fans might be alright with the delay if it means having a more solid product. 

This, of course, is nothing official. Instead, the information comes from an insider by the name of Metro. According to Metro, the delay could also mean that the base original Overwatch title might be in trouble keeping players’ interests with lack of updates. Perhaps, if this game doesn’t launch into the marketplace in 2022, we’ll at least get some new details within the upcoming year.

At any rate, we know that Overwatch 2 will be adding PVE elements to the game along with more story missions. Unfortunately, the worldwide pandemic hitting all industries worldwide has also brought on plenty of delays. Overwatch 2 development could have been just another production caught in the pandemic mayhem. 


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