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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is an immense RPG with one of the most complex class systems in gaming. There are so many spells, skills, and Mythic abilities, there’s just no way to totally balance everything — some powers are going to be broken. It took a little while, but players are starting to discover completely busted mechanics that turn even the toughest encounters into easy stomps. There are literally dozens of ways to break the game, but we’ve found two tricks (and traps) that are so OP, they’ve just got to be shared.

Using the right powers, you can make entire armies of enemies kill themselves, or attack without using a single standard action. You can turn Attacks Of Opportunity against your enemies, and lay down an infinite amount of traps before a fight even begins to blast monsters into oblivion. These are two methods to bust the system and conquer everything even on hard. This isn’t exactly cheating — but the developers might just patch these OP methods out. I recommend diving in ASAP to enjoy the full benefits.

#1: The Mobility 2 Trick

Mobility 2 and the Trickster Class in general are hilarious OP. Once you unlock Mobility 2 Trick with the Trickster, you can auto-kill enemies just by running past them. When you dodge an Attack Of Opportunity (AOO) you’ll automatically counter with one, and your opponent is always considered Flat-Footed. That means huge damage just by running around enemies.

  • Unlock the Mobility 2 Trick, boost your Mobility, and get Ever Ready + Combat Reflexes.
  • Add Sneak Attack, Wide Sweep, and Cleaving Finish for insane damage.

These are all Move Actions! You can add a Standard Action to deal crazy critical damage. Use Mythic Vital Strike + Mythic Power Attack and any 2H weapon for auto-crits. Just run circles around enemies, scoring AOOs and attacking when you need to deal damage in the +1,000s.

#2: Persuasion 2 / 3 Tricks

The Persuasion 2 / 3 are also absurdly powerful. Boost your Intimidate and you can paralyze everything, and then force them to kill themselves. Seriously.

  • Persuasion 1: At the start of combat, automatically cast Demoralize on all enemies.
  • Persuasion 2: Any enemies that fail the Demoralize check can also be Paralyzed.
  • Persuasion 3: Any enemies that fail the Demoralize check automatically Coup-de-Grace themselves.

Keep pumping points into Persuasion and even end-game enemies won’t stand a chance.

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#3: The Cave Fangs Spell

Cave Fangs is a Trap Spell that can be cast with Shaman, Druid, and Witch classes. If you want to go OP, go for the Stalactites version and increase your Spell DC as much as possible.

  • Unlock the Enduring Spells Mythic to enable long-lasted traps.
  • Placing traps is a Free Action so you can continue to lay down traps as long as you want.

Just place all the Cave Fangs – Stalactites in Turn-Based Mode directly under enemies. You can just keep doing it forever, laying down more and more damage. You’ll need to boost your Conjuration feats and Mythics to get the most out of this insanely OP trick.

To make this even more powerful, use Mass Icey Prison in conjunction, or use the Bane of Spirit ring from the Phylactery of Stevanius The Rotten relic to add force damage with the buff.

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