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Hosilla and the Water Elemental is one of the most difficult boss fights in Pathfinder 2 — found deep in a dungeon, this pair can crush even the best prepared adventurers. If you’re playing on the hardest difficulties, its even more unbeatable. On Unfair Difficulty, this fight can seem almost impossible. Thankfully, there’s a fun way you can easily cheese the fight that seems totally counterintuitive but makes perfect sense. We’ll explain the full strategy below. It involves taking off your armor for strategic supremacy.

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is the second Pathfinder game from Owlcat Games. In this hardcore cRPG in the vein of Baldur’s Gate and other Dungeons and Dragons epics, you’ll form a party and go on an incredible crusade while leading an army. In the first game, you’d become the king of an entire nation. The meta of the sequel puts you in command of a vast army, fighting your enemies and doing your best to create a lasting legacy. It’s a game with almost immeasurable amounts of choice and role-playing potential, so its no wonder players are blindsided by a boss they might not be fully prepared for. When there are so many options, its easy to choose ones that aren’t exactly optimal.

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How To Beat Hosilla & Water Elemental | Boss Guide

Hosilla’s Water Elemental is a deadly boss — when you encounter it early in the game, most of your party is likely to be about Level 2. The Water Elemental is Level 8 with DR5 making it absurdly hard on any difficulty level. To beat it, use some of these tips.

  • Don’t fight it in melee range. Circle around the table and use ranged attacks only.
  • Remove your armor to speed up your characters. Even your slowest characters will be able to outrun the Water Elemental.
  • You’ll never get into melee range, so stay away while using spells or ranged weapons. It doesn’t attack from range, so your armor is useless in this battle if you just keep running away.
  • All that matters is outrunning Hosilla.

That’s the best (and simplest) way to totally cheese this fight. If you want to make things even easier, you can retreat to a large room near the Radiance Sword pickup with a huge hole in the center. You can train around that while pelting the boss with ranged attacks easier there.

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