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There’s a truly godlike secret ending in Pathfinder 2 — and unlocking it is required reading for anyone that loves this massive adventure. In Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, you’re a hero on a mythic journey to defeat the Demon Lords and rescue the world from evil. Or, it seems that way. There’s a massive spoiler waiting at the end of the story, and you can become something more if you complete all five acts in a very specific way. There are unique hidden artifacts that must be obtained as you progress, secret knowledge to discover, and special crystals that can only be harvested from the most powerful demons imaginable.

This is a big one folks. The only other ending I can think of from recent memory that requires this many complicated steps is (maybe) the secret “perfect” ending from Wasteland 3. This is still one of the more complex secret endings in any game — if you make one mistake in this 100 hour game, you’re shut out from this ending forever. We’ll try to keep the spoilers to a minimum, but there’s no way to hide the secret. By completing these hidden steps, your character can attain godhood.

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How To Unlock The Apotheosis Ending And Attain Godhood | Secret Ending Guide

The secret ending for Pathfinder 2 allows you (and your party members) to attain godhood. This is extremely tricky, and requires completing multiple steps. We’ll try to break it down in the most logical way — but this requires making decisions in all 5 acts, meaning you’ll most likely need to play from the beginning and prepare yourself thoroughly to actually attain this ending.


  • #1: To get this ending, you cannot follow these two Mythic Paths.
  • #2: Do not select Aeon or Lawful Fey when making a decision at the wardstone.
  • #3: You must reach the Threshold (final dungeon) no later than the third week of Gozran, 4717. Any later, and this ending is locked out.
  • #4: Do not enable Auto-Crusade Mode. You need to research certain projects to make this ending possible. Auto-Crusade disables the Command Table, making completing specific research projects impossible.

Got all that? Good. Now let’s get into the specific choices you need to make to even get this ending as an option.

Apotheosis Ending | Step-by-Step

  • Act 1:
    • Choose to attack (use the crossbow) instead of using the spell during the scene with Deskari.
    • Make sure to collect the crystal dagger. This is almost impossible.
  • Act 2:
    • Make Nurah the Queen your ally. After the Leper’s Smile event, return to Nurah and pass two Perception Checks to talk to her. You’ll be able to make her join you after Lost Chapel. This is important for much later in the game.
    • During the Battle of Drezen, free Yaniel and follow her to the secret passage. Answer with an Evil or Neutral response.
  • Act 3:
    • Gain the Lexicon of Paradox in Areelu’s Lab. Take its power and keep it. Let Suture live.
    • Suture is important for the future.
  • Act 4:
    • Free Suture from the Flesh Market.
    • Later, when you meet Areelu, ask about Suture. You must pass the Perception Check following the dialogue. Make sure you don’t accept Areelu’s power and talk instead.
  • Act 5:
    • If you allied with Nurah in Act 2, go to Pulura’s Falls and make sure the man does not escape.
    • Fix the Broken Artifact (the cape) found in Areelu’s Lab before encountering Areelu in Iz. The Storyteller can repair it.
    • In Iz, find Anemora’s room and collect the Crystal Key and the hidden Glass Key. Complete a Perception Check near the stairs to find a hidden passage to the Glass Key, inside a chest.
    • Defeat Deskari and return to Areelu’a Lab. Go to the Lexicon Project and enter a portal to a hidden area of the lab.

Once you enter the hidden part of the lab, you can try to convince Areelu to attain godhood. This is the really hard part, and requires passing multiple very high checks — all of them are around 40+.

Let’s go over what is required to attain godhood.

How To Attain Godhood | Areelu Confrontation

In Act 5, if you complete all the steps above, you’ll be able to talk to Areelu about obtaining godhood. To do that, you need many specific items and you need to complete certain steps — including completing required research projects.

NOTE: Quicksave and save often for this sequence. Be prepared to reload if something goes wrong.

  • You need 1 Nahyndrian Crystal. Midnight Bolts are required to use on Demon Lords to extract Fresh Nahyndrian Crystals. These are required to attain godhood — the more you collect, the more characters in your party can ascend.
    • Act 3: Ivory Sanctum, Xanthir’s Chamber
    • Act 3: Areelu’s Lab
    • Act 4: Noctiula’s Palace, Projector Room
    • Act 4: Mines
    • Act 5: Iz, Ruins
  • You Need To Complete The Lexicon.
    • The second part of the lexicon is located in Noctiula’s Palace in the Projector Room. Pass a difficult Perception Check (40~) to reveal the Lexicon’s hiding place. Combine the halves by right-clicking either piece — when you’re ready.
    • After combining the book, you must pass multiple high level DCs. You need to pass ALL OF THEM.
    • This can be made easier by getting all the Storyteller notes.
  • You Need To Complete 4 Research Projects.
    • Sword of Valor, Nahyndrian Crystal, Areelu’s Notes & Pulura’s Map
    • Sword of Valor can be researched at any time much earlier. The last three projects can only be researched in Act 5.

If you’ve done all that, you’ll encounter Areelu and complete a special ending path. Convince Areelu. Depending on your mythic path, the final encounter can be very different. There are multiple ways to convince her — but you need to reach 5/7 dialogue options when changing her mind. If you can do that, you’ll find more of the Demon Lords, which you can also use any extra Midnight Bolts on.

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