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Before Microsoft purchased ZeniMax Media, there was a ton of hype about The Initiative. This was a brand new development studio owned by Microsoft. We didn’t know what this studio was working on for a good while, but there were reports of talented industry veterans being hired in. For some fans, it was thought that this could be a studio to turn out some big exclusives for Xbox. Now, of course, we know that the studio is working on a reboot of the classic Perfect Dark franchise.

Perfect Dark is an action game, and it’s been around since 2000 for the Nintendo 64. There have been some attempts to get this franchise into the limelight since the days of the Nintendo 64. First, we had 2005’s Perfect Dark Zero and then in 2010 a remastered edition of Perfect Dark. Now another attempt is coming out with a reboot to the franchise. This should be a first-person action thriller set in a futuristic world. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen much of this game quite yet, so details are scarce.

With that said, there is some new news regarding the video game project. Perfect Dark is being co-developed now. It looks like alongside the team over at The Initiative, Crystal Dynamics will be lending a hand. While The Initiative may be a brand new studio, you likely know who Crystal Dynamics are. This studio was first started up in 1992, and you might know them best for their work on the Tomb Raider franchise.

While the studios are working on the upcoming Perfect Dark reboot, it doesn’t look like the game is close to being done. The Initiative tweeted out that they are still in early development, so we’re likely waiting a good while. With that said, you can check out the reveal trailer in the video embedded above.


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