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Atlus has released the first volume of “Persona 25th Times,” its news program announcing the latest headlines for the Persona series’ 25th anniversary.

Hosted by Persona 5‘s Morgana, the official ambassador for the series’ anniversary, the inaugural episode unveils the following projects:

The original Revelations: Persona launched for PlayStation on September 20, 1996 in Japan.

Watch Persona 25th Times Vol. 1 below, followed by a full transcript follows. Persona 25th Times Vol. 2 is planned for release in December.

It’s the Persona series’ 25th anniversary! And… here I am!

Hey, everyone! Been a while, huh? It’s great to see you all!

I highly doubt you don’t already know me by now, but I’m the ace of Persona 5‘s Phantom Thieves: Morgana! Congratulations to the Persona series on reaching their 25th anniversary! It’s thanks to all of you that we hit this milestone. Thank you so much!

That said, of course, I’m not just gonna be resting on my laurels here! Hehehe… Don’t be surprised, but the reason I’m here… I’ve been asked to be the ambassador for Persona‘s 25th anniversary campaign!

Throughout the year, I’ll be delivering all kinds of information to you all on this show. Now I’m not just a Phantom Thief ace, I’m a marketing virtuoso… Things are gonna get busy! Anyways, let’s get the show rolling. The “Persona 25th Times”… starts now!

And now, for the Persona 25th Times’ first headlines…

Actually, before we get to that… September 15 was actually the fifth anniversary of the release of Persona 5! I’m sure you’ve all seen the special illustration from Soejima-san, the character designer, right? To think it’s already been five years… Time sure does fly. Looking back, the first time the Phantom Thieves made an appearance was during the September concert in 2015, huh? I hear that nowadays, the entire world has their eyes on the Phantom Thieves’ achievements. This is all definitely thanks to all of your support! We can’t thank you enough!

Wait, you still haven’t heard about my grand accomplishments? In that case, you should go play Persona 5 Royal ASAP!

And now, we’re getting to the good stuff. We’ll be introducing two new topics revealed today regarding the Persona 25th anniversary campaign. Starting with this!

To celebrate the 25th anniversary, all past Persona anime will become available for streaming in Japan! Beyond the anime for Persona 4, Persona 4 Golden, and Persona 5, the Persona 3 movie, plus the series’ first ever anime: Persona Trinity Soul, will all become available! This fall is gonna be all about binging Persona! Man, I’m having a time deciding which one to start with myself… I guess I’ll ask Joker what he thinks when I get home! That’s not all! We’re also going to be streaming Persona 5‘s musical too! For details, be sure to check out the Persona 25th special website!

And for the next topic… we have this! The Persona 25th anniversary Special Orchestral Concert! Your favorite tracks from the Persona series will be arranged as classical, orchestral performances! There will be two shows on November 21st at Tokyo Opera City Hall, once during the day and again in the evening. Tickets go on sale starting from today!

Speaking of which, it’ll be Lady Ann’s birthday in November… I guess that means we’ll be going to see the show together that evening to celebrate… Hehehe…!

So, how’d you enjoy the Persona 25th Times, brought to you by the official campaign ambassador, yours truly? Actually, I’ve got one more topic up my sleeve… But that’ll be for next time! Sorry to have to tease you, but wait just a little longer, okay?

…Huh? What’s that…? Oh! Wow, that’s awesome! We’ll apparently get to listen to Lyn’s awesome vocals at the Tokyo Game Show again this year! I can’t wait!

Whoops, looks like I’m out of time. To close things off, we have some advertising Atlus asked me to do. Looks like official merch is available for the anniversary campaign! Wow! There’s a bunch of cool Persona merch you can only buy during this time. No way! For details, check out the special website! In addition, the Persona titles will be on sale in Japan until October 4! You’d better not miss this chance!

That’s it for today’s Persona 25th Times. Thanks for your continued support! Okay, until next time!

Next Stream: December.

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