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Ghost hunting sim Phasmophobia has just received a big update in honor of its one-year anniversary. The developers have now added a single-player mode to this game, which has up to now been a co-op experience. That’s not the only update that’s rolling out with the anniversary update, but it might help make the game even spookier for those who just want to try and find ghosts on their own.

Phasmophobia is one of the big winners of the pandemic-driven game boom, as many gamers found its co-op ghost-hunting antics to be a fun way of keeping up with their friends (myself included). Even with multiple friendly players, the game can still be spooky as you fight to avoid death by ghosts in dark houses and buildings. However, I can also see that there are those who want to maximize the horror by playing solo. And that’s exactly what developers Kinetic Games have provided.

Note that the single-player mode isn’t exactly a proper campaign. Instead, according to the patch notes, playing offline will let you essentially play off-server. There’s no indication of a story mode or anything like that: “Added an option to play offline singleplayer which won’t connect you to the server.” The ghosts should still behave the same way they usually do, so I hope solo players are prepared for proper scares because that sounds like what they’ll be getting.

The patch notes indicate several other updates with the anniversary update. For starters, the devs have fixed a persistent sound bug, and have also made it so that there are no places where you can hide that the ghost can’t get to you. The update has also completely overhauled the journal to “make it easier to use and navigate.” The additions include the ability to cross off evidence in the journal and the integration of the pause menu.


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