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Microsoft has spent quite a bit of money acquiring studios to make their first-party lineup even stronger. This could be a big generation for Microsoft’s Xbox brand, but more importantly, there are past IPs that the company is still reliant on for fan enjoyment. One of those is Halo which is set to receive a new installment later this year. Of course, with that said, it looks like even if the new installment fails to meet the fan’s expectations, the franchise will continue to go on. That’s at least according to the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer.

Phil Spencer spoke with IGN in an episode of their Unlocked podcast. During which the conversation came up regarding the upcoming Halo Installment, Halo Infinite. Phil Spencer was asked about Halo Infinite as being a make or break for the franchise, but according to Phil Spencer, this is far from the case. It was said that Xbox views the fan base as being quite strong with the IP where fans will likely stick with the IP regardless of the release of Halo Infinite. The series has been around for years and it’s provided a ton of content and lore which can be explored with video games and even a television series.

While originally, the Halo Infinite gameplay footage reveal back in 2019 during E3 proved to be a failure with plenty of criticism, the latest gameplay multiplayer footage reveal from earlier this month seemed to bring back the hype. Originally, the game was meant to release alongside the launch of the Xbox Series X/S platforms, but it had since been pushed back for the developers to continue working on the project.

We’re not entirely sure just yet when Halo Infinite will hit the marketplace. It’s been noted by Phil Spencer recently that the team is wanting to get a better grasp on when they feel the project will be complete. With that said, it does look like we will receive it before 2021 wraps. In the meantime, you can check out the latest trailer from E3 2021 in the video embedded above while we wait for the official release date trailer. 

Source: IGN, Gamesradar 

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