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The PlayStation 5 is a hot ticket item right now. Ever since its launch, consumers have been hunting for a unit to purchase. Unfortunately, we’re still dealing with low to no stock available at various retailers. Still, those lucky enough to have a unit on hand will get to experience a big update tomorrow. There are a few changes coming tomorrow, but arguably the biggest is that owners will now be able to change out the internal storage drive.

Games are massive in size, so it won’t be long before your internal storage is filled up. While you could connect an external drive to the system, there wasn’t a way to play games off an external drive. We knew that an update would be down the road that would allow players to add their own M.2 SSD to the PlayStation 5. This could enable more storage space without having to be forced into something more proprietary for an expandable storage solution.

Today, the PlayStation Blog has a post alerting readers of what update is coming tomorrow. Included with the M.2 SSD storage expansion update, there are adjustments to 3D audio support and UX enhancements such as customization options for the Control Center. But, again, the most significant update for owners will probably be that they can upgrade the storage capacity.

With that said, you will need to ensure that the M.2 SSD that you wish to upgrade your PlayStation 5 is compatible. You’ll get all the necessary information about what makes an M.2 SSD compatible, along with how to install the storage drive on the official PlayStation support page right here. It’s a relatively straightforward process, but you will have to remove a few screws, so it’s best to follow the official guide supplied on the support page.


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