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When it comes to the latest generation of console gaming, it’s rough. Not because of the games or the hardware itself. The reason it’s rough is the fact that consumers can’t easily get their hands on a unit. Every console launch is anticipated, and just like with past launches, there was a limited supply readily available for gamers. However, this tends to die down in a few months, where players can go to a local retailer and pick up a unit in person. Unfortunately, that’s not the case right now.

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S platforms were launched last year. That alone is quite the feat for both Microsoft and Sony since the world was going through a big pandemic. However, despite the pandemic, both consoles launched with limited stock. Unfortunately, the next major problem players were dealing with was that the world was practically shut down. Essential workers were all that was running, and it left some limitations to units being manufactured along with shipments going out into different markets.

We’re still dealing with these stock limitations today. While we try to alert our audience with restocking notices for retailers, those that hope the stock will start to be bountiful might be disappointed. Recently the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, commented on the stock supply in which he feels that this is something we could see for a while. We can’t predict when this stock supply will end. But Phil Spencer believes that this is something we’ll see continue from this year and into 2022 as well.

That might be rough for some consumers. Things are certainly going to be a bit more limited these next few months. We’re moving into the holiday season, which should bring out more consumers into the marketplace for a console unit. Not only are there consoles likely to fly off the digital storefronts these next few months, but we will probably see quite a few of them end up on other third-party marketplaces with inflated prices. 


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