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The latest generation of console platforms had a very interesting release. Typically the launches for console platforms are always hyped up. As a result, it’s sometimes difficult to find units available in stock for a little while. Demand is at an all-time high, and stock is difficult to keep up. However, things are much different this time around. Because of the worldwide pandemic, the launch of both consoles was challenging. We’re nearly a year into the console cycle for the latest-generation platforms, and still, consumers are having a tough time finding units for both the PlayStation 5 along the Xbox Series X/S.

It’s all because of the demand and difficulty manufacturing units to ship out. When stocks do ship, there are consumers worldwide trying to make an order. You also have resellers seeking these consoles out as well. Resellers were generally a problem initially as they were quickly buying up stock and flipping these consoles for upwards of $1,000. This was a big upsell compared to the MSRP. Now, we’re finding that the stock resellers have are not hitting that price point anymore.

A report from Forbes reveals that resellers are finding their stock unit price for the PlayStation 5 is dropping 30% in value. While resellers could flip console units for $1,000, that’s not the case anymore. Instead, the consoles being sold are around $700 to $800. It’s not a massive price drop, but it shows that perhaps the demand for obtaining these console units is slowing down. More units are coming out, and waiting this long already could be forcing resellers to drop their price down to move units.

Of course, with that said, we do have to think about the holiday season. We’re getting ready to hit the holiday shopping sprees with families and loved ones gathering up gifts. We could likely see these console platforms shoot up in price again because of the demand for a unit. Hopefully, it doesn’t come to consumers having to pay hundreds of dollars more through a reseller. Perhaps we’ll see stock become more readily available.


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