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There’s been a struggle for consumers trying to get their hands on the latest console platforms. Usually, these console platforms are tough to acquire after a launch, but we’re nearing a year since the game platforms first hit the marketplace. In addition, the chip shortages are causing problems across all kinds of different electronics, much like consoles. However, that doesn’t mean there are no shipments of stock going out to various retailers. For example, today, GameStop will be holding a sale for PlayStation 5 units in about an hour.

This is good news to those that are readily available to purchase a unit. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to check off some requirements. If you’re available and have the funds to throw down for a new PlayStation 5 purchase, you’ll want to be ready. The GameStop restock will have a limited amount of units available for consumers to purchase. With that said, you will need to be a GameStop Pro member.

GameStop has been offering PlayStation 5 units to GameStop Pro members exclusively. It’s a measure that could help give units out to actual consumers and not resellers. This also comes with its own set of benefits and tiers. You can get a subscription right now and attempt to get the PlayStation 5 unit. Although, we don’t have any details as to how many units will be available.

If you miss out on this restock, there are other retailers bound to receive new stock soon. Unfortunately, it’s been a challenging game for consumers to play, as you never know when a stock is expected to hit different retailers. For now, the GameStop PlayStation 5 restock is slated to happen at 11 AM ET.


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