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It’s been a tough battle finding units readily available when it comes to the latest generation of console platforms. This was a rough console launch for both Microsoft and Sony. However, despite the worldwide health pandemic of 2020, both managed to get their systems out into the marketplace on time. Stores generally had difficulty obtaining units, and most consoles were purchased through the retailer’s online storefront. Now we’re finding out that Amazon is offering an exclusive priority to PlayStation 5 restocks for Prime members.

We’re nearly a year into the console launch, and still, consumers are having a tough time finding a unit directly from a retailer. As a result, we’ve started to see different queues set up online for exclusive member-only purchases. For instance, GameStop has been doing this for new consoles as they first offer units to a PowerUp Reward Pro member. Now Amazon is rolling out the Prime exclusive PlayStation 5 restocks to the United States. This means that Amazon Prime members will have first dibs at a restock.

We don’t have any alerts when restocks happen at Amazon, so you’ll have to monitor the store page. Although, if you’re not an Amazon Prime member, then chances are you might not have much luck finding a unit directly sold from Amazon. Fortunately, Amazon is quite the popular online retailer, and it’s likely there’s already Amazon Prime membership for those looking to find a PlayStation 5 unit.

If you’re not a member, Amazon Prime memberships do come with some perks outside of just having access to the PlayStation 5 stock. For instance, there’s free shipping, special sales, and discounts, along with access to Amazon Prime’s video streaming services. Now you’re just tacking on another chance at obtaining this difficult-to-find console platform.


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