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The latest generation of video game console platforms is out now, and it’s an exciting time for players. With the newest console platforms come new and more powerful video game titles. Of course, things are a bit iffy right now on both fronts. Console platforms are tough to come by, and plenty of anticipated video game titles were delayed. Regardless, there is still a push to get console units into the marketplace for consumers.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is incredibly scarce. You can’t find these units in stock no matter what model you’re after. Likewise, reports go out whenever a stock is expected, and consumers are ready to attempt to grab one up for MSRP. It’s a tough battle as you have a ton of consumers that want a unit for themselves and resellers using bots. This means that when a restock happens, it’s not long before they are completely sold out. However, if you happen to get a unit recently, there’s a chance it’s a new revision model.

We know that the revision model is reportedly lighter. However, there is a tiny little change we’re finding out right now. The screw that used to allow a user to stand the PlayStation 5 has been swapped. Instead of being an all-metal screw that’s pretty standard, it now has a plastic top. This means that you won’t have to get a screwdriver or a coin to tighten the screw into the base. Instead, consumers can use their fingers to tighten the screw, which should be a nice change.

It’s nothing to swap your console out for, but it’s an excellent little revision that’s reportedly starting to hit the marketplace. But, again, it’s only reported, so we’re not sure just how widely these new models have hit the marketplace just yet. Regardless, if you happen to purchase a new unit, this is one way to see if you own a revision model or not.


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