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The PlayStation 5 first launched into the marketplace back in November of 2020. However, nearly a year later, we’re still finding the console incredibly difficult to see in the market. This is due to the pandemic mixed with the hype built around a new video game console release. Additionally, with the worldwide shortage of chips, we’re finding electronics are, in general, hard to come across.

With the PlayStation 5 hard to come by, some fans might have been surprised that there was already a revision changed to the platform. This revision has been covered by plenty of different outlets now. We know that the new console weighs less, and it’s due to the heatsink being significantly smaller than the original heatsink. For instance, a comparison video between the models was showcased by YouTuber Austin Evans. Through his video, it was thought that the new model was worse off than the original PlayStation 5.

After that video came out, plenty of fans out there felt the PlayStation 5 would run significantly hotter. A new video from Hardware Busters has given the PlayStation 5 models more of a test to see how they compare. This was a means to clear the air on which model runs cooler, the old model with a bigger heatsink, or the latest model released into the marketplace.

Surprisingly, some areas seem to improve. For instance, the CPU runs cooler compared to the older model. Although, overall, the differences are relatively minuscule. As a result, you might not see any difference between the two models in person. Of course, we’ll likely see more tests performed when these console units are easier to acquire. Overall, it looks like the latest model is perfectly fine to use.


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