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The latest-generation video game console platforms have been tough to come by. After being out for nearly a year now, the stock for both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S platforms is scarce. As a result, you can’t really find units, and there’s consumers eagerly awaiting on restocks. Today, we’re finding out that Sony is hoping to hit at least 12 million more PlayStation 5 units. In fact, this goal is slated to happen this fiscal year. That sounds like quite a significant number, but many consumers are still waiting to get their unit.

Consumers still looking for a unit might be in luck. A new statement by Sony’s CFO Hiroki Totoki has come out alerting consumers that they have secured plenty of semiconductors. Unfortunately, chips and other electronics have been tough to come by. As a result, we’ve seen plenty of products get halted in production. However, Sony has enough semiconductors stockpiled down that they can deliver at least 12 million more units.

That’s bound to be good news for some consumers who will be lucky enough to get their hands on a unit. Although being such a hot ticket item with the holiday season quickly approaching, we may see plenty of consumers still having to wait around. We’re uncertain just when the stock will start to become readily available. Still, it’s reassuring to know Sony is working on getting as many units out into the marketplace.

Currently, the PlayStation 5 is out of stock at just about every retailer. As a result, this has allowed resellers to flip units online for a hefty price. It’s possible that this could be the only way some consumers will get their hands on a unit for the upcoming holiday season. With that said, there’s always a risk going with a reseller. We might see plenty of scams pop up this holiday season so its best to be cautious.


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