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It’s incredibly frustrating to endure the video game industry’s drought of consoles. In 2020, Sony and Microsoft were both gearing up to launch their next-generation console platforms. So naturally, this had a hyped reaction from consumers itching to get a unit once they become available. Unfortunately, that’s been a headache for so many consumers to endure. In addition, the lack of chips from the pandemic has been things tricky for manufacturer units. This also has forced so many units to get sold out online and in-store instantly.

Resellers along with bots have been thriving when it comes to purchasing units. Average consumers who simply wanted a unit at MSRP were left waiting on restocks. We’re trying to keep an eye on restock alerts to share with our readers so that you can also get a chance at purchasing a unit. Today it looks like Sony will be holding a restock of their PlayStation 5 units directly.

Sony will be offering the PlayStation 5 models for consumers to purchase starting at 3 PM EST today. This is an invite-only stock right now, so that means you’ll need to have a Sony Direct account with notifications active. From there, if you get an invite, then you’ll be able to purchase a unit directly from Sony. Hopefully this route will allow actual consumers a chance to purchase a unit rather than resellers.

With that said, there’s also a chance that Sony will offer PlayStation 5 units to the open public after the invites have gone out. That’s something Toms Guide took notice of before, and it’s not always guaranteed. While it’s not confirmed, it looks like there is a chance of a public offering after the invites go out. Still, we know that Sony hopes to reach 12 million more units out into the market within this fiscal year. If you miss this restock, then we’ll keep an eye out for future stock updates to send out.


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