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The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are both highly sought-after video game console platforms. However, a lot of consumers can’t get their hands on these units. Anytime a new major console release comes out, there’s a demand for it. Although, it was challenging last year to deliver these consoles. We had a worldwide pandemic going on, and with it came industries shutting down.

Despite the pandemic, both consoles did launch with limited stock available. It was a madhouse trying to find units in stock. Now nearly a year later, we’re still having the very same problem. Massive demand from consumers mixed with resellers using bots leaves stock vanishing as soon as it arrives. Fortunately, some retailers alert the public when they have a new stock of units coming in. Today, Walmart will have stock available. While the first restock has already happened, there is another restock coming later today.

Starting at 6 PM PT, consumers can try to purchase a PlayStation 5, PlayStation 5 Digital, or an Xbox Series X. All three will be available at MSRP, but you’ll want to be quick. The last time Walmart had a restock, the units were reportedly gone in seconds. This time Walmart will be offering stock every ten minutes throughout the entire hour. That means there’s a good chance stock will be sold out, but you will want to keep checking back every ten minutes for another chance to place a unit in your cart.

It’s a frustrating time for consumers looking to get a brand new console. However, at least for the PlayStation 5 units, there is more hope of obtaining a unit. Recently, Sony confirmed that they have enough components to ensure 12 million more PlayStation 5 units will hit the market within this fiscal year.


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